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ansible-st2 - Ansible Roles and Playbooks to deploy StackStorm

  •    Ruby

Ansible playbooks to deploy StackStorm.StackStorm is event-driven automation platform written in Python. With over 50+ integrations like GitHub, Docker, Nagios, NewRelic, AWS, Ansible it allows you to wire together your existing infrastructure into complex Workflows with auto-remediation and many more. Aka IFTTT orchestration for Ops.

ansible-role-jenkins2 - This Ansible role can be used to install and manage Jenkins 2.

  •    Shell

This Ansible role can be used to install and manage Jenkins 2. This role requires Ansible 2.4 or later, with either Ansible pipelining available or setfacl available on the system being managed (per Becoming an Unprivileged User).

ansible-viz - Graph relationships between Ansible playbooks / roles / tasks / vars etc

  •    Ruby

GraphViz depiction of Ansible dependencies. Now browse viz.html or with-vars.html. The diagram is drawn client-side with viz.js.

ansible-role-simp_le - Ansible role to install simp_le and generate certificates on Ubuntu/Debian.

  •    Python

Install simp_le, generate certificates and renew them automatically on Debian/Ubuntu servers. Renewal will be attempted daily via a cron job run by the Ansible remote user.

rpc-maas - Ansible Role for deploying Rackspace monitoring-as-a-service on an Openstack Environment || Submit bugs to: https://bit

  •    Python

Deployment, setup and installation of Rackspace MaaS for Rackspace Private clouds. These playbooks allow deployers to monitor clouds using Rackspace Monitoring as a Service. The playbooks can be used with OpenStack-Ansible or on their own using Ansible static inventory.

ansible-spark-cluster - Ansible roles to install an Spark Standalone cluster (HDFS/Spark/Jupyter Notebook) or Ambari based Spark cluster

  •    Shell

Ansible uses 'host inventory' files to define the cluster configuration, nodes, and groups of nodes that serves a given purpose (e.g. master node). Note: ansible_host_id is only used when deploying a "Spark Standalone" cluster.

gilt - A GIT layering tool.

  •    Python

gilt - A GIT layering tool. Overlay remote repositories and/or files into the destinations provided.

keights - A Kubernetes installer for AWS

  •    Go

Keights (rhymes with "heights") is a Kubernetes installer for AWS, using CloudFormation and Ansible. CloudFormation templates define all of the AWS resources, such as the API load balancer, autoscaling groups, security groups, and IAM roles.

offensive-infrastructure - Offensive Infrastructure with Modern Technologies

  •    Shell

This repository hosts the supporting code for the "Offensive Infrastructure with Modern Technologies" blog series. Refer to the README files contained in each folder for more information.

ansible-debian - Buildfiles: Ansible automated leight-weight and sensible Debian provisioning

  •    Shell

Well-tested and customizable Ansible setup to provision your workstation with Debian. Get your system back under control. Manage packages not provided by default and keep track of repositories as well as of installed software. Any bundled package offers the possibility to fully manage them, i.e. make sure they are installed or removed. Of course you can also simply ignore them, in case you want to manage them yourself.

ansible-role-patroni - :elephant: Ansible Role for Patroni


An Ansible role which installs and configures Patroni - HA solution for PostgreSQL. This role requires root privileges, so tell ansible to use become: true in any convenient way for you.