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node-draftlog - 📜 Create updatable log lines into the terminal, and give life to your logs!

It allows you to re-write a line of your log after being written. Just like post 'updating'. This is the building block for any dynamic element such as progress bars, loading status, animations, checkboxes and so on.It does that by keeping track of the current lines of code written through the stream, and moving the cursor up to the line of the LogDraft you created previously, and updating its content.

Chalk - Terminal string styling done right

Chalk comes with an easy to use composable API where you just chain and nest the styles you want. Chain styles and call the last one as a method with a string argument. Order doesn't matter, and later styles take precedent in case of a conflict. This simply means that chalk.red.yellow.green is equivalent to chalk.green.

python-ansimarkup - Produce colored terminal text with an xml-like markup

Ansimarkup is an XML-like markup for producing colored terminal text. For a list of markup tags, please refer to tags.py.

remedy - Remedy is a console interaction framework along the lines of Curses written in pure Ruby.

Remedy is a console interaction framework along the lines of Curses written in pure Ruby with an Object-Oriented approach and well-seperated concerns making it easy to use what you need and ignore the rest. Remedy makes a few different classes and modules available to allow straight forward half-duplex communication with users via the console.

Crayons.jl - Colored and styled strings for terminals.

Colored and styled strings for terminals. Crayons is a package that makes it simple to write strings in different colors and styles to terminals. It supports the 16 system colors, both the 256 color and 24 bit true color extensions, and the different text styles available to terminals. The package is designed to perform well, have no dependencies (except Compat) and load fast (about 10 ms load time after precompilation).