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pterm - ✨ #PTerm is a modern go module to beautify console output

  •    Go

PTerm is designed to create a platform independent way to create beautiful terminal output. Most modules that want to improve the terminal output do not guarantee platform independence - PTerm does. PTerm follows the most common methods for displaying color in a terminal. With PTerm, it is possible to create beautiful output even in low-level environments. Our first priority is to keep PTerm as easy to use as possible. With many examples for each individual component, getting started with PTerm is extremely easy. All components are similar in design and implement interfaces to simplify mixing individual components together.

picocli - a mighty tiny command line interface

  •    Java

Picocli is a one-file Java framework for parsing command line arguments and generating polished, easily tailored usage help messages. Java command line parser with both an annotations API and a programmatic API, featuring usage help with ANSI colors, autocomplete and nested subcommands. In a single file, so you can include it in source form. This lets users run picocli-based applications without requiring picocli as an external dependency.

pretty - Library for helping print things prettily, in Clojure - ANSI fonts, formatted exceptions

  •    Clojure

Sometimes, neatness counts. If you are trying to puzzle out a stack trace, pick a critical line of text out of a long stream of console output, or compare two streams of binary data, a little bit of formatting can go a long way.

2048.c - Console version of the game "2048" for GNU/Linux

  •    C

You can move the tiles in four directions using the arrow keys: up, down, left, and right. All numbers on the board will slide into that direction until they hit the wall and if they bump into each other then two numbers will be combined into one if they have the same value. Each number will only be combined once per move. Every move a new number 2 or 4 appears. If you have a 2048 on the board you have won, but you lose once the board is full and you cannot make a move.

aurora - Golang ultimate ANSI-colors that supports Printf/Sprintf methods

  •    Go

Ultimate ANSI colors for Golang. The package supports Printf/Sprintf etc.

shml - SHell Markup Language | Style Framework for The Terminal

  •    Shell

SHML is a shell framework for faster and easier script development. HTML has CSS, terminals have "ANSI/VT100 Control Sequences". SHML makes is easy to apply some style to your shell scripts without trying to remember that Yellow = \033[33m instead Yellow is $(color yellow).

ansi - Small, fast library to create ANSI colored strings and codes. [go, golang]

  •    Go

Package ansi is a small, fast library to create ANSI colored strings and codes.To view color combinations, from project directory in terminal.

paint - Ruby gem for ANSI terminal colors 🎨︎

  •    Ruby

Paint creates terminal colors and effects for you. It combines the strengths of term-ansicolor, rainbow, and similar projects into a simple to use, however still flexible terminal colors gem with no core extensions by default. and run bundle install.

python-ansimarkup - Produce colored terminal text with an xml-like markup

  •    Python

Ansimarkup is an XML-like markup for producing colored terminal text. For a list of markup tags, please refer to tags.py.

FACE - Fortran Ansi Colors (and Styles) Environment

  •    Fortran

A KISS pure Fortran Library for easy colorize (and stylize) strings. Any feature request is welcome.

cadubi - :art: Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian (1997)

  •    Perl

This Perl program was written sometime around 1997 -- many years before I knew anything about Perl or Unix -- and the code hasn't changed much since then. It has, however, become very widely adopted and is available as a package on most Linux distributions. CADUBI is an application written in Perl that allows you to draw text-based images that are viewable on typical unix-based consoles. Usually the applications that emulate these consoles support various text modes, such as background and foreground colors, bold, and inverse. This text art, commonly called "ASCII art," is used in various places such as online BBSes, email and login prompts.

ansi-colors - Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal.

  •    Javascript

Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal. A faster drop-in replacement for chalk, kleur and turbocolor (without the dependencies and rendering bugs). Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.


  •    Julia

ImageInTerminal.jl is a drop-in package that once imported changes a how a single Colorant and whole Colorant arrays (i.e. Images) are displayed in the interactive REPL. The displayed images will be downscaled to fit into the size of your active terminal session. If you see out of place horizontal lines in your Image it means that your font displays the utilized unicode block-characters in an unfortunate way. Try changing font or reducing your terminal's line-spacing. If your font is Source Code Pro, update to the latest version.

ltest - A custom test runner for clojure.test with detailed, coloured output and summaries

  •    Clojure

This project started as a complaint (a numbered list of them) on a Slack channel about the default test runner for clojure.test. Most of these relating to the fact that there's not quite enough information presented to maximally assist in debugging ... that one often has to piece things together. Thanks to @chris-durbin, who urged an implementation follow-up to make things better, ltest for Clojure is now a thing. The Clojure ltest test runner was inspired by the LFE ltest runner, whence it got its name.

ls-go - A more colorful, user-friendly implementation of `ls` written in Go

  •    Go

A more colorful, user-friendly implementation of ls written in Go. You want to be able to glean a lot of information as quickly as possible from ls. Colors can help your mind parse the information. You can configure ls to color the output a little bit. Configuring ls is a hassle though, and the colors are limited.

line - An easy to use golang package for stylizing terminal output

  •    Go

line is an easy to use package for stylizing terminal output. line focuses on usability via chaining and, consequently, is quite flexible. line also boasts compatibility with the popular Color package.

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