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databunker - Secure SDK/vault for personal records/PII built to comply with GDPR

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Project demo is available at: https://demo.databunker.org/. Please add a ⭐star if you like our project. We live in a world where the privacy of our information is nonexistent. The EU has been working to remediate this fallacy with GDPR, and the US (California) follows with a first sparrow called CCPA.

Obsei - Low code AI powered automation tool

  •    Python

Obsei is a low code AI powered automation tool. It can be used in various business flows like social listening, AI based alerting, brand image analysis, comparative study and more. It consist of Observer, Analyzer and Informer. Observer observes the platform like Twitter, Facebook, App Stores, Google reviews, Amazon reviews, News, Website etc and feed that information. Analyzer performs text analysis like classification, sentiment, translation, PII on the analyzed data. Informer sends it to ticketing system, data store, dataframe etc for further action and analysis.

anon - A UNIX Command To Anonymise Data

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Anon is a tool for taking delimited files and anonymising or transforming columns until the output is useful for applications where sensitive information cannot be exposed. Releases of Anon are available as pre-compiled static binaries on the corresponding GitHub release. Simply download the appropriate build for your machine and make sure it's in your PATH (or use it directly).

data-migrator - A declarative data-migration package

  •    Python

Data-migrator (version 0.6.3.dev2) is a simple data-migration package for python lovers. Data-migrator is a declarative DSL for table driven data transformations, set up as an open and extensive system. Use this to create data transformations for changing databases as a result of changing code, initial loads to datalakes (it contains a Kinesis provider)and more.

presidio - Context aware, pluggable and customizable data protection and PII data anonymization service for text and images

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Presidio (Origin from Latin praesidium ‘protection, garrison’) helps to ensure sensitive text is properly managed and governed. It provides fast analytics and anonymization for sensitive text such as credit card numbers, bitcoin wallets, names, locations, social security numbers, US phone numbers and financial data. Presidio analyzes the text using predefined analyzers to identify patterns, formats, and checksums with relevant context. ⚠️ Presidio can help identify sensitive/PII data in un/structured text. However, because Presidio is using trained ML models, there is no guarantee that Presidio will find all sensitive information. Consequently, additional systems and protections should be employed.

CosmicClone - Cosmic Clone is a utility that can backup\clone\restore a azure Cosmos database Collection

  •    CSharp

If validation of the entered details fails an appropriate message is displayed below the Test Connection button. If the access validation succeeds then the next screen shows various options for cloning of a collection.

ai-privacy-toolkit - A toolkit for tools and techniques related to the privacy and compliance of AI models

  •    Python

A toolkit for tools and techniques related to the privacy and compliance of AI models. The anonymization module contains methods for anonymizing ML model training data, so that when a model is retrained on the anonymized data, the model itself will also be considered anonymous. This may help exempt the model from different obligations and restrictions set out in data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.

gdpr-dump - Utility that creates anonymized database dumps (MySQL only)

  •    PHP

This tool provides a command that dumps the contents of a MySQL database. It is the equivalent of mysqldump, with additional features, at the cost of performance (PHP implementation). The main purpose of this tool is to create anonymized dumps, in order to comply with GDPR regulations.

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