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swoft - ⚡️ Modern High performance AOP and Coroutine PHP Framework, base on Swoole

  •    PHP

The first high-performance PHP coroutine full-stack componentization framework based on Swoole native coroutine, built-in coroutine web server and commonly-used coroutine client, resident memory, which has no dependency on PHP-FPM, asynchronous non-blocking IO implementation, similar to synchronous client style of writing to achieve the use of asynchronous clients, without complex asynchronous callback, no tedious yield, similar Go language coroutines, flexible annotations framework, a powerful global dependency injection container base on annotations, and great service governance , flexible and powerful AOP, PSR specification implementation, etc., could be used to build high-performance Web systems, APIs, middleware, basic services, microservice and so on. Chinese Document English Document Not yet, please help us write it.

spark-nlp - Natural Language Understanding Library for Apache Spark.

  •    Jupyter

John Snow Labs Spark-NLP is a natural language processing library built on top of Apache Spark ML. It provides simple, performant & accurate NLP annotations for machine learning pipelines, that scale easily in a distributed environment. This library has been uploaded to the spark-packages repository https://spark-packages.org/package/JohnSnowLabs/spark-nlp .

neurocurator - Desktop application (GUI) to perform systematic and collaborative curation of neuroscientific literature

  •    Python

Desktop application to perform systematic and collaborative curation of neuroscientific literature. This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Python package NeuroAnnotation Toolbox (NAT).

swoft-component - 🗂 This is a Repository of centralized management of all Swoft components

  •    PHP

This reposiory is used to manage all swoft components. All components will NOT be modified in the original repository of component, SHOULD ALWAYS be modified in this repository, also commit and push to this repository, and use git subtree push to sync changes to the original repository of component.