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angularjs-style-guide - Community-driven set of best practices for AngularJS application development

Note 1: this is still a draft of the style guide, its main goal is to be community-driven so filling the gaps will be greatly appreciated by the whole community.Note 2: before following any of the guidelines in the translations of the English document, make sure they are up-to date. The latest version of the AngularJS style guide is in the current document.

AngularJS Libs & Demos

Here you can find some AngularJS Libs & Demos. Also best practices and solutions for angularJS.

ERPStore eCommerce FrontOffice

Front office eCommerce en Français basé sur Asp.Net MVC4 et Unity3 codée en C# 4.5 avec une bibliotheque de plugins

cloudinary_angular - Cloudinary Angular client library

The formal Cloudinary Angular SDK to enhance your applications with image and video components powered by Cloudinary