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angular2-promise-buttons - Chilled loading buttons for angular2

  •    TypeScript

For angular 1.x version go here.To give you maximum flexibility there are no base styles coming with the directive, but it is easy to fix that! There are lots of free css-spinners out there. Just find one of your liking and add the css to your global stylesheet.

angular-archwizard - A wizard component for angular 2+

  •    TypeScript

This project contains a functional module with a wizard component and some supportive components and directives for Angular version 5 or later. Run npm run build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory.

cuppa-ng2-slidemenu - Angular 2 Slide Menu navigation componet for mobile and web

  •    CSS

Hamburger kind of menu for mobile and web is very common feature and a must have as well, these days. The Slide menu package is published on the npm Registry.

angular2-expandable-list - Expandable lists made easy for Angular2

  •    Javascript

Angular2 Expandable List is an HTML <angular2-expandable-list> tag enhanced with styling and animation. now compatible with Angular4 too.

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