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NG6-starter - :ng: An AngularJS Starter repo for AngularJS + ES6 + Webpack by @AngularClass a @OneSpeed-io company

  •    Javascript

Check out the JSPM version--an alternative to Webpack as an ES6 build system.If you're looking for a preliminary Angular 2 build, please use the angular2-webpack-starter.

scroll-trigger - Angular module that triggers actions on scrolling to a point

  •    HTML

This module is based on img-src-ondemand, the other module that I wrote some time ago to delay image loading to only when they appear on screen. Recently, I wanted to write a new infinite scroll library to replace the use of ngInfiniteScroll which I don't like so much. Reason being it requires you to pass a selector or a selector function as setup so the service can find the infinite scroll container. This doesn't work well if the container is somewhere in a route view. The container should be able to reach the service, so that doesn't matter where it's put, it can work. After some thought, I realized that the logic it requires here is already written in my previous library. Now, I extracted the logic and generalized it, so it can be used in a much wider range. Some demos. Scroll down slowly.

angular-gravatar - Easy-to-use and flexible Angular.js directive for Gravatar images

  •    Javascript

Angular.JS directive for Gravatar. Include angular-gravatar.js in your application.

lake - AngularJS 1.X + LESS + Grunt skeleton codebase.

  •    Javascript

Single page EcmaScript5 web application skeleton. AngularJS 1.3, LESS, and Grunt are powerful tools for single page web application development for 2014. This repository shares the skeleton I use to start front end projects. The assets it builds are perfect for usage with Github's Electron. It's also a great starting point for a Parse application.

angular-datetime - A directive to add the behavior of datetime input on unsupported browsers.

  •    Javascript

This module includes a datetime directive and a parser service. Check out the demo page for details.

angular-file-saver - An AngularJS service that provides cross-browser compatibility of HTML5 saveAs() - http://alferov

  •    Javascript

File dist/angular-file-saver.bundle.js contains all required dependencies and grants access to both Blob.js and FileSaver.js polyfills via Blob and SaveAs services. A core Angular factory.