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angular-promise-buttons - Chilled loading buttons for AngularJS

  •    Javascript

For Angular 2+ version go here.Also you can play with the code on Plnkr.

kcd-angular - A repo for all of my useful Angular stuff

  •    Javascript

A repo to hold the kcd angular module. Things I made that I think are useful. See the demo/docs/etc here.

ng-focus-on - A directive to make angular elements focusable

  •    CoffeeScript

An angular directive for easy programmatic focusing on form elements

ng-contenteditable - Use ngModel and validations with contenteditable HTML5 attribute

  •    Javascript

Download the package, and include the dist/ng-content-editable.min.js file in your page. Then add the content-editable module to your Angular App file, e.g.

SemanticUI-Angular - Angular Directives for Semantic UI

  •    Javascript

This library provides over 100 Angular directives for building Semantic UI elements, collections, views & modules. Check out the Documentation where you can see examples similar to those on http://semantic-ui.com except with angular directives.

angular-openweather-app - A weather forecast app written in AngularJS

  •    HTML

Updated bundled angularjs lib from angular-1.2.0-rc.2 to angular-1.2.32 (latest of the 1.2 release series) + updated and fixed dependencies on karma and jasmine modules so that tests would run and pass again. "OpenWeather App" is a small AngularJS project that makes use of the OpenWeatherMap service for fetching and displaying weather data and forecasts based on a given location (city).

generator-angm - AngularJS Yeoman Generator to help you getting started with a new project based on AngularJS and Angular Material to build large scale applications

  •    Javascript

The main reason for creating this project, and do not use any other, was the need to optimize the creation time of each application from scratch. It was built using the best practices of development with AngularJS and uses the latest stable version (1.5.0.). The project does not intend to migrate to the new version(2.0) in a short time, we have in mind that this version is very stable and meets most web projects, so when version 2.0 is reasonably stable we do the migration. The building process will use bower-installer plugin.

ng-iban - IBAN directive for AngularJS

  •    CoffeeScript

The goal is to provide an easy way to validate an input field as an IBAN number with AngularJS. From version 0.4.0 the module uses iban.js for validation. For the Angular 2+ version see https://github.com/mmjmanders/ngx-iban.

angular-prest - pREST component for Angular

  •    TypeScript

It is a wrapper service to use with pREST API. You need to provide config data to the angular-prest service. Just import AngularPrestModule and put it in "imports" passing your config data to forRoot().

angular-cuppa-datepicker - Angular Datepicker and Datetimepicker Component for web and mobile

  •    Javascript

Angular Cuppa DateTimepicker is a cool responsive DateTimepicker directive for Web and Mobile. It is Mobile friendly and light weight. Developed by Cuppa Labs. View the Demo here of Date Picker. Click here for JSFiddle.

angular-fan-menu - Cool Menu component using Angular 1 for web and mobile.

  •    Javascript

Cuppa Angular Fan Menu is an angular 1 directive for cool menu componet for web and mobile, developed using angularJS, CSS3, HTML5. View the Demo here.

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