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PrimeNG - The Most Complete User Interface Suite for Angular

PrimeNG is a collection of rich UI components for Angular. The most complete set of native widgets featuring 70+ easy to use components for all your UI requirements.

Angular-Polymer - Angular 2 support for Polymer elements

angular-polymer is a directive factory that aims at bridging the gaps between using Polymer based Web Components in Angular applications.

kcd-angular - A repo for all of my useful Angular stuff

A repo to hold the kcd angular module. Things I made that I think are useful. See the demo/docs/etc here.

mock_component - Easily mock components for Angular TestBed tests.

NgMocks consolidates mock-component, mock-directive, and mock-pipe into one package making it easier to maintain. Also, if you like mock-component/ng-mocks you may also like shallow-render.

ng-contenteditable - Use ngModel and validations with contenteditable HTML5 attribute

Download the package, and include the dist/ng-content-editable.min.js file in your page. Then add the content-editable module to your Angular App file, e.g.