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AndroidDeviceNames - A small Android library to get the market name of an Android device.

  •    Java

A small Android library to get the market name of an Android device. On many popular devices the market name of the device is not available. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the value of Build.MODEL could be "SAMSUNG-SM-G930A", "SM-G930F", "SM-G930K", "SM-G930L", etc.

android-yolo - Real-time object detection on Android using the YOLO network with TensorFlow

  •    C++

android-yolo is the first implementation of YOLO for TensorFlow on an Android device. It is compatible with Android Studio and usable out of the box. It can detect the 20 classes of objects in the Pascal VOC dataset: aeroplane, bicycle, bird, boat, bottle, bus, car, cat, chair, cow, dining table, dog, horse, motorbike, person, potted plant, sheep, sofa, train and tv/monitor. The network only outputs one predicted bounding box at a time for now. The code can and will be extended in the future to output several predictions. To use this demo first clone the repository. Download the TensorFlow YOLO model and put it in android-yolo/app/src/main/assets. Then open the project on Android Studio. Once the project is open you can run the project on your Android device using the Run 'app' command and selecting your device.

mobly - E2E test framework for tests with complex environment requirements.

  •    Python

Mobly is a Python-based test framework that specializes in supporting test cases that require multiple devices, complex environments, or custom hardware setups.Mobly can support many different types of devices and equipment, and it's easy to plug your own device or custom equipment/service into Mobly.

adsb-flight-scanner-android - Open Source ADS-B aircraft position tracker on the 1090 MHz (ES) and 978 MHz (UAT) bands for Android devices

  •    Java

Do you have an Android device that you would like to put to use? You can now set up and run your own mobile ADS-B ground station that can be used anywhere and receive real-time data directly from airplanes on your Android device. It receives ADS-B data directly from airplane transponders via a small antenna connected to your Android device. This app then makes the real-time data available to view on your Android's screen, or optionally to any user on your local network if they point their web browser to your Android device's IP address.

watson-vehicle-damage-analyzer - A server and mobile app to send pictures of vehicle damage to IBM Watson Visual Recognition for classification

  •    Javascript

In this developer code pattern, we will create a mobile app using Apache Cordova, Node.js and Watson Visual Recognition. This mobile app sends pictures of auto and motorcycle accidents and issues to be analyzed by a server app, using Watson Visual Recognition. The server application will use pictures of auto accidents and other incidents to train Watson Visual Recognition to identify various classes of issues, i.e. vandalism, broken windshield, motorcycle accident, or flat tire. A developer can leverage this to create their own custom Visual Recognition classifiers for their use cases. Currently this mobile app only runs on Android, but can be easily ported to iOS.

crowdsource-video-experiments-on-android - Crowdsourcing video experiments (such as collaborative benchmarking and optimization of DNN algorithms) using Collective Knowledge Framework across diverse Android devices provided by volunteers

  •    Java

This CK-powered open-source Android application lets the community participate in experiment crowdsourcing which require webcam (such as crowd-benchmarking and crowd-tuning Caffe, Tensorflow and other DNN frameworks or any realistic application for image processing and recognition) using their mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, IoT, etc) and exchange knowledge via public CK servers. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

nMAC - 📱 An Android device MAC changer

  •    CSharp

Nil MAC Changer is a MAC changer for various Android devices. Root is required. More information can be found on my XDA-Developers post.

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