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Theatre - Pet project using Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components

  •    Kotlin

Pet project using Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components. The data is fetched from LondonTheatreDirect API. The overriding rule of this architecture says that the source code dependencies always point inwards. The outer tiers can only dependent of inner tiers. Therefore, the inner tiers know nothing about the outer tiers. The more further you go through the concentric circles, the higher level the software becomes. Which means that the level of abstraction increases.

android-arch-news-sample - News app built using new Android Architecture Guidelines and Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

It's an extremely simple app which uses NewsAPI to show the latest news from Google News. It uses Retrofit 2 to fetch the news from the API and save them into database using Room. The main aim of this sample app is show how to use the new Architecture Guidelines with Kotlin. The app uses ViewModel to abstract the data from UI and Repository as single source of truth for data. Repository fetch the data from database if it doesn't exist then it fetches from the webservice.

Android-Architecture-Components-Kotlin - Sample used to practice Kotlin and Android Architecture Components

  •    Kotlin

Android Sample Kotlin Devises (currency converter) used to practice Kotlin and Android Architecture Components. I wrote a post in my blog called Support of Kotlin & Architecture Components to explain how Android Architecture Components works.

cw-androidarch - Source Code for the Book "Android's Architecture Components"

  •    Java

Android's Architecture Components covers the use of the Architecture Components released by Google in 2017. This book is updated several times a year and is available through the Warescription program. Subscribers also have access to office hours chats and other benefits. This repository contains the source code for the sample apps profiled in the book. These samples are updated as the book is, with git tags applied to tie sample code versions to book versions.

kunny-kotlin-book - '차세대 안드로이드 개발자를 위한: 커니의 코틀린' 예제 프로젝트 저장소


차세대 안드로이드 개발자를 위한: 커니의 코틀린 도서의 2부에서 다루는 Simple Github 예제 애플리케이션 저장소입니다. 안드로이드 애플리케이션을 자바로 만들어야 하는 이상 어쩔 수 없이 감내해야 했던 많은 문제의 해결책이 이제 눈앞에 보입니다. 바로 코틀린을 활용하는 것입니다. 코틀린은 자바와 100% 호환이 가능하기 때문에 자바로 된 기존의 프로젝트에 필요한 부분만 코틀린을 적용해도 됩니다. 자바-코틀린 컨버터 기능을 이용하면 자바를 코틀린으로 변환하기도 쉽습니다.

Poeple-Kotlin - Sample Contacts-like Android application used to learn Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

Sample Contacts-like Android application used to learn Kotlin. The application displays a list of people from a public API, then allows to access details on each person. Feel free to report or add any useful feature, I will be glad to improve it -with your help-.

TicTacToe-MVVM - Sample android application used to learn the Model View View Model pattern and DataBinding in Android

  •    Java

This is a sample Android application based on the Tic-Tac-Toe game which can be played by 2 players, it was developed in order to learn the MVVM pattern (Model-View-View Model) and Data binding in Android.

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