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amp-wp - WordPress plugin for adding AMP support

  •    PHP

Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your WordPress site.This plugin adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, which is an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.

amp-by-example - A hands-on introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) focusing on code and live samples

  •    HTML

ampbyexample.com gives you a hands-on introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages based on code and live samples. Learn how to create websites with AMP and how to effectively make use of the different AMP components. In case we are missing any examples, feel free to let us know. Have you got any good examples you would like to contribute? Read on, it’s very easy to add new examples.

amp-wp - Enable AMP on your WordPress site, the WordPress way.

  •    PHP

Enable AMP on your WordPress site, the WordPress way. The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. AMP enables web experiences that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across distribution platforms. The Official AMP Plugin for WordPress supports fully integrated AMP publishing for WordPress sites, with robust capabilities and granular publisher controls.

Milligram - A minimalist CSS framework.

  •    HTML

Milligram is a minimalist CSS framework and it provides a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean starting point. It is specially designed for better performance and higher productivity with fewer properties to reset resulting in cleaner code.

wprig - A progressive theme development rig for WordPress.

  •    PHP

WP Rig has been tested on Linux, Mac, and Windows. WP Rig requires the following dependencies. Full installation instructions are provided at their respective websites.

C++ AMP: Accelerated Massive Parallelism with Microsoft Visual C++

  •    C++

Samples for the latest Microsoft Press book on programming with C++AMP using Visual Studio 2012.

amp-pwa-demo - A simple, dependency-free blog that uses a Progressive Web App (PWA) to show Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  •    Javascript

A simple, dependency-free blog that uses a Progressive Web App (PWA) to show Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

node-amp - Abstract message protocol for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Abstract Message Protocol codec and streaming parser for nodejs.AMP is a simple versioned protocol for framed messages containing zero or more "arguments". Each argument is opaque binary, thus you may use JSON, BSON, msgpack and others on top of AMP. Multiple argument support is used to allow a hybrid of binary/non-binary message args without requiring higher level serialization libraries like msgpack or BSON.

node-amp-message - Higher level AMP message manipulation

  •    Javascript

High level AMP Message implementation for manipulating, encoding and decoding AMP messages.Initialize an empty message.

amp-browser - AMP Browser

  •    HTML

The AMP Browser is an open source web browser based on Chromium, which accelerates web browsing by automatically loading AMP web pages, saves bandwidth by enabling data compression, and respects privacy by blocking ads and tracking scripts. You can toggle all the features by right-clicking the ⚡ icon in the top right corner and choosing Options.

amps-in-the-trunk - Transform HTML directly to Google AMP HTML

  •    Javascript

amps-in-the-trunk sets images to responsive by default. You can change that with imageOverrides. Also most SVGs have incorrect sizing. You could fix the SVGs, or you could override them with imageOverrides. If you want syntax highlighting, AMPS in the Trunk will use highlight.js to highlight the specific blocks.

jstoxml - JavaScript object to XML converter

  •    Javascript

Everyone loves JSON, and more and more folks want to move that direction, but we still need things outputted in XML! Particularly for RSS feeds and Podcasts. This is inspired by node-jsontoxml, which was found to be a bit too rough around the edges. jstoxml attempts to fix that by being more flexible.


  •    Javascript

NOTE: The library below is intended to be used in conjuction with the yet-to-be-released AMP Client ID API for custom integrations. Code and JavaScript libraries below aren't useful yet. If you want to use the AMP Client ID API in conjuction with Google Analytics, please consult the documentation for the AMP Client ID API in Google Analytics. This Google AMP Client ID library provides a script that you can use to integrate the Google AMP Client ID API in your non-AMP pages for custom analytic systems (i.e., for in-house analytics tracking or for analytics vendors that are not preconfigured for use with the API. The Google AMP Client ID API provides you with the ability to consistently track users across AMP and non-AMP pages.

generator-amp - generator for AMP.

  •    Javascript

Accelerated Mobile Page generator. Allow CLI search for AMP modules.

amperize - AMP up your plain HTML

  •    Javascript

AMP up your plain HTML. Replaces regular HTML tags with their equivalent AMP components. Amperize is build to convert the <body> part of your HTML. It will not create the AMP boilerplate and will not add the required <script> for each component.

react-amp-template - AMP template generator

  •    Javascript

RAMPT provides shorthands for amp-custom-elements. A [ get ] operation on { AMP } module returns Node element and automatically registers the <script /> tag required by AMP. This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Copyright (c) 2016 Ariel Fernando Rodriguez. For more information see LICENSE.md.

tachyons-amp - Stripped down version of Tachyons for developing with Google AMP

  •    CSS

A stripped down version of Tachyons to get under the 50kb cap of minified css for Google Amp pages. Currently 31kb minified. Experimental so likely to have breaking changes.

amp-toolbox - A collection of AMP tools making it easier to publish and host AMP pages.

  •    Javascript

Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for information on contributing to the AMP Project. AMP Toolbox is made by the AMP Project, and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

awesome-milligram - A curated list of Milligram resources.


A curated list of Milligram resources. Inspired by awesome. Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.

ampl - :iphone: :zap: Ampl transforms Markdown into AMP-compliant html so it loads super-fast!

  •    Javascript

This module lets you convert Markdown (.md) files to AMP-compliant .html so that you can serve them up to mobile clients much faster. For many, reading on the mobile web is a slow, clunky and frustrating experience - but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

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