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pasm - Piston Assembler

  •    Javascript

Releases are available for download from GitHub.

wag - WebAssembly compiler implemented in Go

  •    Go

wag is a WebAssembly compiler implemented as a Go package. Source is a wasm32 binary module. The application embedding the compiler decides what import functions it provides.

go-memset - An efficient memset implementation for Golang.

  •    Go

An efficient memset implementation for Golang. go-memset provides a Memset function which uses an assembly implementation on x86-64 and can provide performance equivalent to the optimised first loop.

container-images - Oracle Linux container images


Oracle Linux is an open-source operating system available under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). Suitable for general purpose or Oracle workloads, it benefits from rigorous testing of more than 128,000 hours per day with real-world workloads and includes unique innovations such as Ksplice for zero-downtime kernel patching, DTrace for real-time diagnostics, the powerful Btrfs file system, and more. Oracle Linux is released under the GPLv2. See the LICENSE file in this repository for more information.

pharos-cluster - The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works.

  •    Ruby

Pharos Cluster is a Kontena Pharos (Kubernetes distribution) management tool. It handles cluster bootstrapping, upgrades and other maintenance tasks via SSH connection and Kubernetes API access. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/kontena/pharos-cluster.

opendlv - OpenDLV - A modern microservice-based software ecosystem for self-driving vehicles.

  •    CMake

Applications based on OpenDLV are grouped in UDP multicast sessions belonging to IPv4 address 225.0.0.X, where X is from the within the range [1,254]. All microservices belonging to the same UDP multicast group are able to communicate with each other; thus, two applications running in different UDP multicast sessions do not see each other and are completely separated. The actual UDP multicast session is selected using the commandline parameter --cid=111, where 111 would define the UDP multicast address Microservices exchange data using the message Envelope that contains besides the actual message to send further meta information like sent and received timestamp and the point in time when the contained message was actually sampled. All messages are encoded in Google's Protobuf data format (example) that has been adjusted to preserve forwards and backwards compatibility using libcluon's native implementation of Protobuf.

pacc - PACC (PAscal C Compiler) is an C compiler, which is implemented in Delphi-7-compatible Object Pascal

  •    Pascal

PACC (PAscal C Compiler) is an work-in-progress C11-specification-aiming C compiler, which is implemented in Delphi-7-compatible Object Pascal.

docker-cloudflare-ddns - A small amd64/ARM/ARM64 Docker image that allows you to use CloudFlare as a DDNS / DynDNS Provider

  •    Shell

This small Alpine Linux based Docker image will allow you to use the free CloudFlare DNS Service as a Dynamic DNS Provider (DDNS). If you need multiple records pointing to your public IP address you can create CNAME records in CloudFlare.

docker-unms - This image is no longer maintained: https://github.com/oznu/docker-unms/issues/53

  •    Dockerfile

This is an all-in-one Docker image for running the Ubiquiti Network Management System. This image contains all the components required to run UNMS in a single container and uses the s6-overlay for process management. This image will run on most platforms that support Docker including Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows, Synology DSM and Raspberry Pi boards.

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