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aws-cognito-angular-quickstart - An AngularV4-based QuickStart web app utilizing Amazon Cognito, S3, and DynamoDB (serverless architecture)

  •    TypeScript

This sample application can be deployed to either Elastic Beanstalk or S3. S3 will host this application as a static site while Elastic Beanstalk gives you the capability of adding backend operations to the application.createResources.sh requires your aws cli to be configured for JSON output.

surge - Amazon DynamoDB for Elixir

  •    Elixir

The library is still very much a work in progress.

backbone-dynamodb - Store Backbone models in Amazon DynamoDB.

  •    Javascript

Alternatively, you can add backbone-dynamodb as a dependency to you application's package.json file. If you're calling this method within your application, it must be called before calling any of the methods that send requests to DynamoDB: save, fetch, and destroy.

serverless-chat - A serverless web chat built using AWS Lambda, AWS IoT (for WebSockets) and Amazon DynamoDB

  •    Javascript

A serverless web chat built using AWS Lambda, AWS IoT (for WebSockets) and Amazon DynamoDB. Create an AWS account.

amazon-dynamodb-labs - Hands on workshop and design scenarios for Amazon DynamoDB

  •    Python

Visit http://localhost:1313/ to see the site. As you save edits to a page, the site will live-reload to show your changes.

amazon-eventbridge-cdk-audit-service-sample - Sample of a decoupled audit service using Amazon EventBridge and AWS Step Functions

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains a sample audit service where its components are decoupled through the use of Amazon EventBridge. When an audit event happens, it is put into a custom bus where different rules evaluate if their corresponding targets should be notified of the event based on the patterns their are interested to. It uses the AWS CDK framework for defining the required infrastructure while relying on CDK Pipelines (still on Developer Preview as of December 2020) for implementing CI/CD.

aws-cdk-dynamodb-seeder - A simple CDK seeder for DynamoDB

  •    TypeScript

Using AWS CDK for automating infrastructure deployments is an amazing way of integrating the development and operations into one process and one codebase. However, building dev or test environments that come pre-populated with data can be tricky, especially when using Amazon DynamoDB.

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