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aws-serverless-auth-reference-app - Serverless reference app and backend API, showcasing authentication and authorization patterns using Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS IAM

  •    TypeScript

SpaceFinder is a reference mobile app that allows users to book conference rooms, work desks, and other shared resources. The app showcases serverless authentication and authorization using the AWS platform.The mobile front-end is built using the Ionic 3 framework and client libraries to call AWS services and mobile backend APIs. The backend APIs themselves are powered by AWS services. The backend APIs are built using a serverless architecture, which makes it easy to deploy updates, and it also means that there are no servers to operationally manage.

rcoil - Rcoil is an orchestration library that makes it easy to call multiple APIs or AWS Lambda functions and aggregate the output into a single response

  •    Javascript

Rcoil is an orchestration library that makes it easy to call multiple APIs or AWS Lambda functions and aggregate the output into a single response. Rcoil was originally built to help Amazon API Gateway customers orchestrate requests to complex backends into a single API call.

serverless-sam - Serverless framework plugin to export AWS SAM templates for a service

  •    Javascript

Serverless-sam is a plugin for the Serverless framework that makes it easy to create Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates from an application. The plugin adds the sam command to the serverless cli. Once you have installed the plugin, add it to your serverless.yml file in the plugins sections.

serverless-plugin-simulate - This is a proof of concept to see if we can replicate Amazon API Gateway using docker images to run lambda

  •    Javascript

If you do not need to chain functions locally you can just run the API Gateway simulation by itself. If you want to chain functions locally, you need to use the Lambda Simulator.

amazon-api-gateway-mutating-webhook-for-k8 - AWS API Gateway as K8S mutating webhook to modify in K8S Pod automatically

  •    Python

This demo project is intended to illustrate how to use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda to set up an HTTP service, then been integrated with Kubernetes as admission webhooks to receive admission requests and mutate or validate Kubernetes resources dynamically. Particularly this project will setup a mutating webhook to modify the docker image path in K8S Pod after the deployment been submitted to K8S API server and before it's been persisted in etcd. Amazon EKS has been enabled MutatingAdmissionWebhook.

amazon-cognito-example-for-external-idp - An example for using Amazon Cognito together with an external IdP

  •    TypeScript

This example can be used as a starting point for using Amazon Cognito together with an external IdP (e.g. a SAML 2.0/OIDC provider or a social login provider). It shows how to use triggers in order to map IdP attributes (e.g. LDAP group membership passed on the SAML response as an attribute) to Amazon Cognito User Pools Groups and optionally also to IAM roles. It contains all that is needed in order to create a serverless web application with Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB (with optionally an external IdP).

website-scraper-with-amazon-comprehend - Get additional insights from your data by running it through Amazon Comprehend

  •    Kotlin

This project lets you analyze websites using Amazon Comprehend. You can deploy this project using SAM. Once deployed, you're able to query the service by including a header value of 'url', which indicates the url of the website that you want to "understand/comprehend". The Lambda function parses the website represented by the url and runs the body of this website through the Amazon Comprehend service.

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