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jekyll-docker - :ship: Docker images and builders for Jekyll.

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The standard images (jekyll/jekyll) include a default set of "dev" packages, along with Node.js, and other stuff that makes Jekyll easy. It also includes a bunch of default gems that the community wishes us to maintain on the image. The builder image comes with extra stuff that is not included in the standard image, like lftp, openssh and other extra packages meant to be used by people who are deploying their Jekyll builds to another server with a CI.

docker-alpine - Docker containers running Alpine Linux and s6 for process management

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Highly configurable Docker images running Alpine linux and s6 process management. Using Docker makes your infrastructure and environment consistent, testable, scalable and repeatable.

docker-homebridge - Homebridge Docker

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This Alpine/Debian Linux based Docker image allows you to run Nfarina's Homebridge on your home network which emulates the iOS HomeKit API. Homebridge requires full access to your local network to function correctly which can be achieved using the --net=host flag. Currently this image will not work when using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows due to this and this.

alpine-pkg-glibc - A glibc compatibility layer package for Alpine Linux

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This is the GNU C library as a Alpine Linux package to run binaries linked against glibc. This package utilizes a custom built glibc binary based on the vanilla glibc source. Built binary artifacts come from https://github.com/sgerrand/docker-glibc-builder. See the releases page for the latest download links. If you are using tools like localdef you will need the glibc-bin and glibc-i18n packages in addition to the glibc package.

crystal-alpine - Crystal and Shards packages for Alpine Linux

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See http://public.portalier.com/alpine for an APK repository. You also need a crystal binary (only the binary is required). You may build a musl-libc aware statically linked compiler on the linux host, mirror the packages repository (in the packages folder) or add the packages repository to /etc/apk/repositories.

docker-php-nginx - Docker image with PHP-FPM 7.1 & Nginx 1.12 on Alpine Linux

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Example PHP-FPM 7.1 & Nginx 1.12 setup for Docker, build on Alpine Linux. The image is only +/- 35MB large.

docker-wordpress - WordPress container with Nginx 1.12 & PHP-FPM 7.1 based on Alpine Linux

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Lightweight WordPress container with Nginx 1.12 & PHP-FPM 7.1 based on Alpine Linux. See docker-compose.yml how to use it in your own environment.

docker-alpine-nginx-pagespeed - Dockerized Nginx with PageSpeed Module on Alpine Linux


This is a Dockerized image of Nginx with PageSpeed Module based on Alpine Linux. You can see PageSpeed documentation for more details and settings.

docker-kubectl - Containerized Kubernetes kubectl


kubectl is a CLI tool to control a cluster Kubernetes. Note: Entrypoint is set to kubectl so do not type wernight/kubectl kubectl.

python3-alpine-flask-docker - Sample Docker container for a Python 3 Flask based application with minimal footprint

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Sample Docker container for a Python 3 Flask based application with minimal footprint. Now you should be able to open and see the demo Flask app returning a friendly Hello page.

netty-tcnative-alpine - Build netty-tcnative native binaries for Alpine Linux.

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Docker container used to build netty-tcnative binaries for Alpine Linux. One needs an alpine container, obviouslly and libuuid dependency, otherwise even boringssl-static won't work.

alpine-samba - Alpine Linux + Samba Docker image


This repository contains a basic Dockerfile for installing Samba 4 on Alpine Linux. This is a solution for network filesharing. I use it on my self-built, zfs-based NAS server and connect up OSX, Linux, and Windows clients.

alpine-strongswan-vpn - Dockerfile and related configuration for setting up a roadwarrior IKEv2-based VPN

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This repository contains a Dockerfile for generating an image with StrongSwan and Alpine Linux. This image can be used on the server or client in a variety of configurations.

user-aports - My Alpine Linux aports that are not in official repository yet or don’t adhere to Alpine polices (bundles)

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This repository contains aports that are not merged in the official Alpine Linux repository yet or don’t adhere to Alpine polices (bundles). Packages are automatically build on Travis CI for x86_64 architecture and synchronized with a remote server using SSHFS (SSH Filesystem). Aports from the official Alpine repositories backported from edge to v3.7.

docker-ruby-node - :whale: Alpine Docker Image with latest versions of Ruby, Node


Docker image with Ruby and Node.js with Yarn installed and ready to roll. NOTICE: Images are refreshed everytime Ruby official repo is updated on Docker Hub. Minor or patch versions in this readme file should be outdated.

http-server - A Java9 HTTP server in 35MB Docker image

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Those both boil down to more efficient container usage. Spacewise. Creating a custom runtime for your app means that you can drop all the useless modules from your packaging. Like in this example, why should a server application ship with all the user interface toolkits that Java ships with (AWT, Swing, and JavaFX).

alpine-erlang - An alpine image with Erlang installed, intended for releases

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This Dockerfile provides a full installation of Erlang on Alpine, intended for running Erlang releases, so it has no build tools installed. The Erlang installation is provided so one can avoid cross-compiling releases. The caveat of course is if one has NIFs which require a native compilation toolchain, but that is left as an exercise for the reader. NOTE: This image sets up a default user, with home set to /opt/app and owned by that user. The working directory is also set to $HOME. It is highly recommended that you add a USER default instruction to the end of your Dockerfile so that your app runs in a non-elevated context.

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