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lwip - Light Weight Image Processor for NodeJS

  •    C

This module provides comprehensive, fast, and simple image processing and manipulation capabilities.There are no external runtime dependencies, which means you don't have to install anything else on your system.


  •    Basic

Gchat - is easy to use program, suitable for communicating with friends. This non-commercial program that you can change it as you like. Program code is placed inside. I wish you good use.

Online Math Calculator


This is an Online Math Calculator. What this does is take your equation in the usual form and convert every variable to x, y, and every constant to a, b, c, d, e, etc... use wolfram|alpha and then convert back to the input format. This allows to input most equations.

npm-next - Wraps the latest unstable version of npm with different name so you can test alongside stable npm

  •    Javascript

Wraps the latest unstable version of npm with different name so you can globally install it and test the unstable version alongside a globally installed and stable npm.

npm3 - Use npm v3 alongside your currently installed npm.

  •    Javascript

Wraps the 'next' version of npm v3 as an executable npm3.Allows you to use npm v3 alongside whatever other version of npm you currently have installed.

canvas-text - [experiment] better Canvas2D text rendering

  •    Javascript

Easier Canvas2D text rendering.This still has some bugs that is cutting off text in places. If you'd like to contribute, drop me a line in the issues. For now, the current version is unstable 0.x and undocumented until bugs are smoothed out.

image-sdf - generate a signed distance field from an image

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool which takes a 4-channel RGBA image and generates a signed distance field. The bitmask is determined by pixels with alpha over 128 and any RGB channel over 128.The code has been adpated from libgdx.

postcss-color-hex-alpha - PostCSS plugin to transform RGBA hexadecimal notations (#RRGGBBAA or #RGBA) to more compatible CSS (rgba())

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to transform W3C RGBA hexadecimal notations (#RRGGBBAA or #RGBA) to more compatible CSS (rgba()).Checkout tests for more examples.

postcss-color-mod-function - Modify colors using the color-mod() function in CSS

  •    Javascript

PostCSS color-mod() Function lets you modify colors using the color-mod() function in CSS, following the CSS Color Module Level 4 specification. The color-mod() function accepts rgb(), legacy comma-separated rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), legacy comma-separated hsl(), hsla(), hwb(), and color-mod() colors, as well as 3, 4, 6, and 8 digit hex colors, and named colors without the need for additional plugins.

Jquery-Alpha-Image - This plugin can change selected colours to transparent and give result as image or imagedata

  •    Javascript

This plugin can change selected colours to transparent and give result as image or imagedata. This plugin works IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. I didn't try in opera. Examples is in the /Examples/ folder.

expand-range - Faster, bash-like range expansion

  •    Javascript

Fast, bash-like range expansion. Expand a range of numbers or letters, uppercase or lowercase. Used by micromatch. This library wraps fill-range to support range expansion using .. separated strings. See fill-range for the full list of options and features.

fill-range - Fill in a range of numbers or letters, positive or negative, optionally passing an increment or multiplier to use

  •    Javascript

Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support. Expands numbers and letters, optionally using a step as the last argument. (Numbers may be defined as JavaScript numbers or strings).

alpha-complex - Computes the alpha complex of a point set in any dimension

  •    Javascript

Alpha shapes are a generalization of Delaunay triangulations. Given a parameter alpha and a point set, they compute a simplicial complex which covers the point set in simplices whose circum radii are less than 1/alpha. This module works in node.js/iojs/browserify and supports point sets in any dimension.

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