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Windows Phone Power Tools


The Windows Phone Toolbox is an extension to the regular XAP deployer tools that come with the Windows Phone SDK which adds features like the ability to update a xap and to browse the IsolatedStorage of an installed (developer) xap.

replace-string - Replace all substring matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Similar to String#replace(), but supports replacing multiple matches. You could achieve something similar by putting the string in a RegExp constructor with the global flag and passing it to String#replace(), but you would then have to first escape the string anyways.Returns a new string with all needle matches replaced with replacement.

zelda - Automatically `npm link` all your packages together!

  •    Javascript

Sometimes Link needs a little help from Zelda.zelda finds all the node packages in your code folder (~/code/ in the example). If any of these packages are listed as a dependency in the nearest package.json of your working directory, it automatically symlinks it for you.

marvel-characters - :boom: all Marvel comic book characters

  •    Javascript

A list of all public comic book character names in the Marvel universe, sourced from the API.Total Characters: 1,252 Last Updated: Sunday, July 19th, 2015.

execall - Find multiple RegExp matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Instead of having to iterate over RegExp#exec, immutable, and with a nicer result format.Returns an array of objects with a match, sub-matches, and index.

import-modules - Import all modules in a directory

  •    Javascript

This module is intentionally simple. Not interested in more features.Directory to import modules from. Unless you've modified require.extensions, that means any .js, .json, .node files, in that order. Does not recurse. Ignores the caller file and files starting with . or _.

bind-methods - Bind all methods in an object to itself or a specified context

  •    Javascript

Bind methods in input to itself or context if specified. Returns the input object.Object with methods to bind.

node-glob-all - Provide multiple patterns to node-glob

  •    Javascript

Provides a similar API to glob, however instead of a single pattern, you may also use arrays of patterns.

readmetree - readmetree — display all the readme's in your current project (especially those in node_modules/*/* folders!)

  •    CSS

Display all the readme's in your current project (especially those in node_modules/*/* folders!). Great for offline coding.

git-change-author - Set a specific author for all the commits of a git repository.

  •    Javascript

Set a specific author for all the commits of a git repository. Then, run git-change-author --help and see what the CLI tool can do.

react-jsx - Compile transform your JSX templates into a template engine that works client AND server side

  •    Javascript

These templates can be used on the server and client. This way you can move your JSX templates out of your React.createClass's render method and to it's own template files which leads to a more manageable code base. In addition to the features mentioned above we also eliminated the requirement of "global" and "locally" scoped variables in your template. You can now pass in the data using a data argument.

github-remove-all-releases - Remove all releases of a GitHub repo

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need to scrap current releases and make new ones. An auth object passed to node-github.

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