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babel-plugin-module-resolver - Custom module resolver plugin for Babel

  •    Javascript

A Babel plugin to add a new resolver for your modules when compiling your code using Babel. This plugin allows you to add new "root" directories that contain your modules. It also allows you to setup a custom alias for directories, specific files, or even other npm modules. This plugin can simplify the require/import paths in your project. For example, instead of using complex relative paths like ../../../../utils/my-utils, you can write utils/my-utils. It will allow you to work faster since you won't need to calculate how many levels of directory you have to go up before accessing the file.

project_alias - Alias is a teachable “parasite” that is designed to give users more control over their smart assistants, both when it comes to customisation and privacy

  •    Python

The Alias software can be flashed onto a micro SD card, for a fast and easy setup. Make sure the respeaker hat is attached to the Raspberry Pi. We recommend to use the Easy Setup but if you wish to install the project from scratch use the Manual Install instructions.

Linq Alias Generator

  •    LINQ

Linq Alias Generator will automatically create "friendly" alias names for database column names commonly used in Linq2SQL. Currently let's say you have a column in your table called product_name - well that's a pretty crappy name to use in code. LAG will change the name to Pr...



Mailias makes testing of email enabled applications easier for DEVs and QAs. You no longer need to have multiple "real" email addresses to test and validate registration and notification features. You can alias many email address and have your own Mailias. Written in C# thi...

Smile - :smile: Emoji in Swift

  •    Swift

We would love you to contribute to Smile, check the CONTRIBUTING file for more info.

gemoji - Information regarding GitHub emoji: gemoji

  •    Javascript

Gemoji (GitHub Emoji) maps Gemoji short-codes and unicode emoji to objects containing info on their respective category, description, names, and tags....and...

trash - macOS command line tool to move files to trash

  •    Swift

trash is command-line tool for macOS, written in Swift, that moves files to the current user's trash folder. trash is released under the terms of the MIT license.

aws-lambda-invoke - Invoke AWS Lambda functions with ease

  •    Javascript

Make sure the aws-sdk is available in the project. The SDK is not shipped with this library because it is globally available in AWS Lambda. By not embedding the SDK, you can keep te footprint of the lambda build is small as possible.The invoke method calls the lambda function synchronously. This means that it will wait untill the called lambda function returns a result or fails.

up - Quickly navigate to a parent directory via tab-completion.

  •    Shell

Stop typing ../../.. endlessly. Use tab completion instead! Using up allows you to change your current directory to a parent of the current directory where the parent is specified by name or index.Written in 100% shell script, up.sh registers the up function and some completion functions via your .bashrc or .zshrc file.

glsl-fxaa - FXAA implementation for glslify in WebGL

  •    GLSL

A WebGL implementation of Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA v2). This is a screen-space technique. The code was originally from Geeks3D.com and cleaned up by Armin Ronacher for WebGL.FXAA is particularly useful in WebGL since most browsers do not currently support MSAA, and even those that do (e.g. Chrome) will not support it outside of the main frame buffer (which is common when doing post-processing effects like color grading).

three-shader-fxaa - optimized FXAA shader for ThreeJS

  •    Javascript

Optimized FXAA shader for ThreeJS, passing some texture coordinates from the vertex shader to avoid 5 dependent texture reads. This is well suited for PowerVR GPUs (iOS).Tested on Three r69-78, works with the three module.

rollup-plugin-alias - Provide an alias for modules in Rollup

  •    Javascript

Define aliases when bundling packages with Rollup.This probably doesn't look too bad on its own. But imagine this is not the only instance in your code base and after a refactor/restructuring this might fall over. With this plugin in place, you can alias ../../../something with something for readability. In case of a refactor only the alias would need to be changed instead of navigating through the code base and changing all imports.

aliases - Parse flag aliases in CLI help output

  •    Javascript

The result can be passed directly to the minimist alias option or used in meow with some effort.CLI help output.

ember-route-alias - Ember addon to create multiple paths for the same route.

  •    Javascript

This Ember addon makes it easy to create multiple paths to the same route. By default it uses the same set of assets as the original route, but individual assets for each route can be overidden. It also includes a simple {{#rel-link-to}} helper to make template reuse easier.

remapify - Alias directories for browserify

  •    Javascript

A Browserify plugin to map whole directories as different directories to browserify. This is useful if you have a common batch of files that you don't want to have to refer to relatively all the time. If remapify doesn't work for you for any reason, you might want to give aliasify or pathmodify a look.

pathmodify - In a nutshell, rewrite (AKA alias, map) `require()` IDs / paths / directories to different values in browserify

  •    Javascript

This is a browserify plugin that's meant to do the same kind of thing as aliasify and remapify, but in a more elegant, powerful way. This hasn't been tested extensively yet, so consider it experimental. But some of the other alternatives already in common use don't really even work, so.... Avoid having to use cumbersome relative paths (../../../../../../..) in your browserified application, and still be able to apply transforms programatically: browserify().transform(something).

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