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algoliasearch-wordpress - :pill: Algolia Search plugin for WordPress is a drop in replacement for WordPress search

  •    Javascript

Search by Algolia is the smartest way to improve search on your site. Autocomplete is included, along with full control over look, feel and relevance. The plugin provides relevant search results in milliseconds, ensuring that your users can find your best posts at the speed of thought. It also comes with native typo-tolerance and is language-agnostic, so that every WordPress user, no matter where they are, can benefit from it.

algoliasearch-client-css - Algolia Search API Client for CSS

  •    Javascript

Thank you for your interest in our CSS API Client. This project is not real, but our 2017 April Fools prank. You can read more about its making on our blog.

docsearch-configs - DocSearch - Configurations


This is the repository hosting the public DocSearch configurations. If you want to run your own DocSearch instance on those configuration files, please get familiar with the scraper setup guidelines.

vue-instantsearch-examples - Examples for Vue InstantSearch

  •    Shell

Some examples for Vue InstantSearch by Algolia. To start, you need to run yarn to install all of the dependencies, then go to a subdirectory, and run the script you want, like yarn start.

algolia-android-demo - Android instant search demo with Algolia

  •    Java

This is a sample project implementing an instant-search view with Algolia. Algolia is a Search API that provides hosted full-text, numerical and faceted search.

connector-search-engine - Odoo Nosql Connector (Solr, Algolia, Elastic...)

  •    Python

This project include a generic search engine connector and also a specific connector for Algolia.


  •    PHP

This project showcases how you can use Laravel Scout in your project.

search-assets - A repository to hold all our search assets

  •    Javascript

We are currently in the process of refactoring how we do things around here. Check back shortly to see how you can contribute.

guillaumebriday.fr - ✏️ 📖 My personal blog built with Gatsby and Tailwind CSS.

  •    Javascript

Source code of guillaumebriday.fr built with Gatsby and Tailwind CSS. Do not hesitate to contribute to the project by adapting or adding features ! Bug reports or pull requests are welcome.