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github-awesome-autocomplete - :octocat: Add instant search capabilities to GitHub's search bar

  •    Javascript

By working every day on building the best search engine, we've become obsessed with our own search experience on the websites and mobile applications we use. GitHub is quite big for us, we use their search bar every day but it was not optimal for our needs: so we just re-built Github's search the way we thought it should be and we now share it with the community via this Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions. Algolia provides a developer-friendly SaaS API for database search. It enables any website or mobile application to easily provide its end-users with an instant and relevant search. With Algolia's unique find as you type experience, users can find what they're looking for in just a few keystrokes. Feel free to give Algolia a try with our 14-days FREE trial at Algolia.

emma-cli - 📦 Terminal assistant to find and install node packages.

  •    Javascript

Install the package you are looking for. Powered by Algolia search API and the Yarn package manager.

algoliasearch-client-javascript - 🔎 Algolia Search API Client for JavaScript platforms

  •    Javascript

Algolia Search is a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering realtime results from the first keystroke. The Algolia Search API Client for JavaScript lets you easily use the Algolia Search REST API from your JavaScript code. The JavaScript client works both on the frontend (browsers) or on the backend (Node.js) with the same API.

react-instantsearch - ⚡ Lightning-fast search for React and React Native apps, by Algolia.

  •    Javascript

React InstantSearch is a library for building blazing fast search-as-you-type search UIs with Algolia. React InstantSearch is available on the npm registry. It relies on algoliasearch to communicate with Algolia APIs.

diag - Diagnose network issues while connecting to Algolia

  •    Javascript

diag is the Algolia diagnostic tool. We use lognormal/boomerang as a way to gather even more information on the setup.

npm-search - 🗿 npm ↔️ Algolia replication tool :skier: :snail: :artificial_satellite:

  •    Javascript

npm ↔️ Algolia replication tool. This is a failure resilient npm registry to Algolia index replication process. It will replicate all npm packages to an Algolia index and keep it up to date.

talksearch - 🎤 An interactive search experience for video titles and transcripts

  •    CSS

Go to https://localhost:3000. There should be auto reload for almost everything, but when it fails just restart the server. This will run the build of the website and serve it. Useful when you are modifying production middlewares and want to ensure the resulting website will be working. Like when adding CSS minification.

algolia.github.io - Algolia's community projects

  •    CSS

This is the source code of https://community.algolia.com/. The deployment to this live website is automated when changes are pushed to the source branch. Pro tip: Remove any brew installed/globall system installed Node.js and Yarn, just use nvm and Alternatives installation, they works perfectly.

algoliasearch-alexa - 🔊 Search by voice in Alexa, powered by Algolia

  •    Javascript

This is an adapter that allows you to use the Algolia search API easily within your Alexa Skills Kit Skill. It provides tools for integrating Algolia search and a framework for structuring your Alexa skill. Developed to be used on Amazon Lambda, you set up your intent handlers normally except for any that you want to leverage Algolia. For these handlers, a configuration object must be provided that defines the handler you want to call upon completion of the Algolia search. Algolia will be queried automatically, then provide an object with the results, intent, session, and response to your defined handler.

hexo-algolia - Index your hexo website content to Algolia Search.

  •    Javascript

Index content of your hexo website in Algolia and add search within minutes. 👌 The hexo algolia command can be run manually on your computer and on a continuous integration system like [Travis CI][-ci-node].

create-instantsearch-app - ⚡️ Build InstantSearch apps at the speed of thoughts

  •    Javascript

create-instantsearch-app is a command line utility that helps you quick start your InstantSearch app using any Algolia InstantSearch flavor (InstantSearch.js, React InstantSearch, Vue InstantSearch, Angular InstantSearch, InstantSearch iOS and InstantSearch Android). The tool requires Node ≥ 8.

search-insights.js - Library for detecting front-end Algolia search metrics

  •    TypeScript

Search Insights lets you report click, conversion and view metrics using the Algolia Insights API. Are you using Google Tag Manager in your app? We provide a custom template to ease the integration.

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