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jekyll-theme-basically-basic - Your new Jekyll default theme

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If you're running Jekyll v3.5+ and self-hosting you can quickly install the theme as a Ruby gem. If you're hosting with GitHub Pages you can install as a remote theme or directly copy all of the theme files (see structure below) into your project. GitHub Pages has added full support for any GitHub-hosted theme.

examples - Set of code samples highlighting the different ways to use the Algolia API

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Set of sample code samples which highlight different way to use Algolia. Want to contribute, and share to the community experiments you've built using Algolia? Feel free to clone the repo https://github.com/algolia/examples.git and submit your pull request.

talksearch - 🎤 An interactive search experience for video titles and transcripts

  •    CSS

Go to https://localhost:3000. There should be auto reload for almost everything, but when it fails just restart the server. This will run the build of the website and serve it. Useful when you are modifying production middlewares and want to ensure the resulting website will be working. Like when adding CSS minification.

algolia.github.io - Algolia's community projects

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This is the source code of https://community.algolia.com/. The deployment to this live website is automated when changes are pushed to the source branch. Pro tip: Remove any brew installed/globall system installed Node.js and Yarn, just use nvm and Alternatives installation, they works perfectly.

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