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alfy - Create Alfred workflows with ease

  •    Javascript

You need Node.js 4+ and Alfred 3 with the paid Powerpack upgrade.Create a new blank Alfred workflow.

alfred-devdocs - Alfred workflow for devdocs.io

  •    PHP

Alfred workflow for the amazing devdocs.io documentations. Use the packaged workflow DevDocs.alfredworkflow from packal.

alfred-emoj - Alfred 3 workflow to find relevant emoji from text

  •    Javascript

Uses the API from this great article on Emoji & Deep Learning. Check out the Dango app if you want something like this on your phone.Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

alfred-npms - Alfred 3 workflow to search for npm packages with npms.io

  •    Javascript

npms.io is a great npm package search with deep analysis of package quality using a myriad of metrics. Much better than the official npmjs.com search.Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

AlfredSwitchWindows - An application for using in Alfred workflow to enumerate and switch between windows on OSX

  •    Swift

My little "weekend" project. Alfred workflow to switch between open windows in the system and Safari tabs. You can download the ready-to-use .workflow files from the releases page.

alfred-hotel - 💁 🏩 Alfred 3 workflow that lets you start, stop and open Hotel apps

  •    Javascript

In Alfred, type hotel to list all Hotel apps, press Space to search through list. You can change this in ~/.hotel/conf.json.

Alfred_SourceTree - Alfred workflow to quickly find and launch your SourceTree bookmarks

  •    Python

Alfred workflow to quickly find and launch your SourceTree bookmarks. Type st to list all your SourceTree bookmarks and start typing to filter the results.

Menu-Bar-Search - Search through menu options for front-most application - Alfred Workflow


Based on the implementation of ctwise's Menu Bar Search. Type m in Alfred to list menu bar items for front most application You can filter menu items by name, or do a fuzzy search.

alfred-google-search - Alfred workflow to do inline google searches (open URL or copy to clipboard)

  •    Python

This workflow allows you to do in-line Google searches right from the Alfred bar. You can either open the result URL or copy it to clipboard. Overusing this workflow might lead to your IP being blocked by Google Search servers. Searches through Chrome or another browser might still work but this workflow will stop working. I recommend keeping a 10-15 seconds gap after each usage of this workflow. In most cases, much lower gaps or even continuous use of the workflow will still work but still this is something to be kept in mind. If you see a 'rate limit' or a 503 error, it's best to stop using the workflow and try back after some time (~1 minute).

alfred-workflows-collection - A collection of Alfred 2 workflows by FradSer.


Download and open file using Alfred 2. P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use these workflows.

wipfred - 🚧Manage your wip.chat todos with alfred

  •    Javascript

In order to work properly you need to set your wip.chat private API key. You can either type in wip and press Enter to see a list of available commands and select from one of them. Or you can use the command directly. However if you enter for exampel wip done you will be inside the done workflow. You have to press ESC to get out of it.

commonSearch - alfred workflow 插件,集成Github、掘金、知乎、淘宝等搜索

  •    Javascript

alfred workflow 插件,集成Github、掘金、知乎、淘宝等搜索

alfred-pinboard-rs - Alfred Workflow for Pinboard (Rust)

  •    Rust

Manage, post and preview your bookmarks on Pinboard right from within Alfred app. For posting you just need to enter the Workflow's keyword ( p ) into Alfred's window and follow it with couple of tags and an optional description. The workflow will then post a bookmark for the window/tab of the active browser to Pinboard.

Alfred-collection - A collection of all known Alfred3 worflows


10.000ft Scripts - The aim is to make working with 10.000ft faster. ABN Lookup - Perform a quick ABN lookup via ABR website.

jisho-alfred-workflow - Alfred workflow for searching Jisho

  •    Python

An Alfred workflow to easily search Jisho.org, a powerful Japanese-English online dictionary. It uses the Jisho.org API to retrieve search results and instantly display them within Alfred's search results. Type ji or じ followed by the word you want to search for. Note that there is a space after ji and not after じ.

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