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echo-sonos - Amazon Echo integration with Sonos

All of the pieces for an Amazon Echo (Alexa) <-> Sonos integration. echo-sonos supports Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Deezer Elite, Sonos playlists, Sonos favorites, SiriusXM, the local Sonos music library, and configurable node-sonos-http-api presets.

geemusic - A bridge between Google Music and Amazon's Alexa

GeeMusic is an Alexa skill which bridges Google Music and Amazon's Alexa. It hopes to rescue all of those who want an Echo/Dot but don't want to switch off of Google Music or pay extra for an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. This project is still in its early phases and subject to a bit of change, however it is functional and ready for use! The only catch is that you'll need to run it on your own server for the time being (ideally I'll eventually release this on the Alexa Skills marketplace, but there's a lot of work to do before then).

Jovo Framework - Build cross-platform voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Jovo is the first open source framework that lets you build voice apps for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base. Besides cross-platform development, Jovo also offers a variety of integrations and easy prototyping capabilities.

chatskills - Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line

Run Alexa apps on the command-line. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere! Supports Amazon Alexa skills and intents. Chatskills does not require a server and can run directly in the console. It can also run on the web, or Slack, or anywhere. It handles requests from multiple users and maintains session memory. When a user starts a conversation with one of the skills, the skill continues to execute within a session context, until the skill terminates.

serverless-local-dev-server - A simple Serverless 1

This plugin exposes Alexa-Skill and HTTP events as local HTTP endpoints, removing the need to deploy every code change to AWS Lambda. You can connect these endpoints to Alexa, Facebook Messenger or other services via forwardhq, ngrok or any other forwarding service. In the Configuration pane, select HTTPS as service endpoint type and specify the forwarded endpoint URL.

AlexaSkillsKit - Swift library to develop custom Alexa Skills

AlexaSkillsKit is a Swift library that allows you to develop custom skills for Amazon Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo. It takes care of parsing JSON requests from Amazon, generating the proper responses and providing convenience methods to handle all other features that Alexa offers. AlexaSkillsKit has been inspired by alexa-app, SwiftOnLambda and alexa-skills-kit-java.

alexa-skill-watson-conversation - Alexa Skill using OpenWhisk, IBM Watson Conversation and Weather Channel Data

Watson Conversation is now Watson Assistant. Although some images in this code pattern may show the service as Watson Conversation, the steps and processes will still work. In this Code Pattern, we will create an Alexa skill using Watson Assistant via the Apache OpenWhisk serverless framework. Alexa is the voice service behind products like the Amazon Echo. IBM Cloud Functions (based on Apache OpenWhisk) will be used to integrate Alexa with Watson Assistant. Credit goes to Niklas Heidloff for creating the original project.

awesome-voice-apps - 🕶 A curated list of awesome voice projects, tools, and resources for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more

A curated list of awesome voice projects, tools, and resources for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. To the extent possible under law, Linked Experiences, Inc. has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

jovo-sample-voice-app-nodejs - Sample Voice App that uses the Jovo Framework to create a "Hello World" Alexa Skill and Google Action

Jovo is a development framework for cross-platform voice apps. Use this repository as a starting point to create a voice application for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In this guide, you will learn how to create a "Hello World" voice app for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

voice-landing-page - Free Landing Page Bootstrap Template for Alexa Skills and Google Actions

We believe it's very valuable for almost every Alexa skill or Google Action to have a landing page or website. This is a place where you can direct your users to for additional information like FAQs, and to drive sign ups for your voice apps. We know you'd probably rather improve your skill than doing frontend stuff. So we designed a simple template for you to get started with your landing page.

alexa-skill-test - Test Alexa skills through a local Express server.

Alexa Skill Test provides a live server for local testing of Alexa Skills written in Node.js. Right now, testing skills usually involves going through the Amazon Alexa Developer Portal. This project makes testing much easier. After install, the alexa-skill-test command will be available to you.


This sample project demonstrates how to use Amazon Alexa to do various tasks on your AWS Account using your Amazon Echo (dot). The python-based Lambda function is organized into intent handler which represent the different functions. These handlers are called using some boilerplate code. The first part of the template will route the incoming request based on its type. The type will either be LaunchRequest, IntentRequest, or SessionEndedRequest and this function will be triggered whenever we interact with Alexa. The event parameter will have all the information we need about the given request.

alexafsm - With alexafsm, developers can model dialog agents with first-class concepts such as states, attributes, transition, and actions

Dialog agents need to keep track of the various pieces of information to make decisions how to respond to a given user input. This is referred to as context, session, or state tracking. As the dialog complexity increases, this state-tracking logic becomes harder to write, debug, and maintain. This library takes the finite-state machine design approach to address this complexity. Developers using this library can model dialog agents with first-class concepts such as states, attributes, transition, and actions. Visualization and other tools are also provided to help understand and debug complex FSM conversations. Also check out our blog post.

cookiecutter-flask-ask - Cookiecutter template for Alexa skills based on the fantastic Flask-Ask framework 🍾🗣❓

Short of a partridge in a pear tree, this contains everything you might need to get cracking with your very own Alexa skill! Read on below for directions on getting started with Flask-Ask.

docker-amazon-ask-cli - Amazon Alexa ASK cli and AWS cli Docker Image

The purpose of this container is to be able to use the Amazon ASK CLI (Alexa Skills Kit). This example will show you both how to use this container and start a simple HelloWorld Alexa Skill. In this example we'll assume that AWS has been configured see below.