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Cabot - Self-hosted, easily-deployable monitoring and alerts service - like a lightweight PagerDuty

  •    Javascript

It provides a web interface that allows you to monitor services (e.g. "Stage Redis server", "Production ElasticSearch cluster") and send telephone, sms or hipchat/email alerts to your on-duty team if those services start misbehaving or go down - all without writing a line of code. Best of all, you can use data that you're already pushing to Graphite/statsd to generate alerts, rather than implementing and maintaining a whole new system of data collectors.We built Cabot as a Christmas project at Arachnys because we couldn't wrap our heads around Nagios, and nothing else out there seemed to fit our use case. We're open-sourcing it in the hope that others find it useful.

purppura - A server for receiving and processing alerts & events.

  •    Go

If that host were to suffer a crash then five minutes after the last submission of the event an alert would be raised, and a human would be notified. There are two ways to install this project from source, which depend on the version of the go version you're using.