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photobak - Back up your content from Google Photos

  •    Go

Photobak is a media archiver. It downloads your photos and videos from cloud services like Google Photos so you have a local copy of your content. Run it on a regular basis to make sure you own all your memories.Be sure to read the caveats below for your cloud services of choice.

PTImageAlbumViewController - "Image Album" — or "Photo Album" if you like that better — View( Controller) for all crazy iOS developers out there

  •    Objective-C

If you have trouble, check out AlbumDemo project in Examples directory for a working example. A nice image scrubber, just like in Photos.app by Apple on the iPad.

picago - Picasa Go library for downloading photos

  •    Go

Picago is a small Go library for downloading and uploading photos from Picasa Web. You must obtain a client ID and secret from Google in order to call the APIs this project relies on.

hymn - React audio player component

  •    Javascript

This is a work in progress. Follow @contrahacks or @wearefractal for an update when it is finished.

TUCAssetsHelper - Save `UIImage *image` to iOS Photos Library, use PHPhotoLibrary framework.

  •    Objective-C

TUCAssetsHelper using Photos Framework, is supporting iOS 8.0 and newer, not support iOS 7 (need ALAssetsLibrary).

albumize - Albumize is a jQuery plugin that lets you manage collection of images in the web page as albums

  •    Javascript

##Albumize is a jQuery plugin that lets you manage collection of images in the web page as albums. With albumize, you can browse albums, add cover image to albums and switch between albums. Download and unzip the albumize plugin package.

uxcore-album - Alubm Component based on React

  •    Javascript

if you'd like to save your install time,you can use uxcore-tools globally. Yes please! See the CONTRIBUTING for details.

Saavn-Downloader - Saavn Playlist & Album Downloader

  •    Python

PoC for vulnerability in Saavn App researched by Arun, I added extra Ingridient to fetch playlist and album by Saavn Rest API.

django-photo-gallery - Responsive Django Image Gallery Site Sample optimized for performance and mobile devices

  •    Javascript

This sample contains a Django 2.0.x Image Gallery Site. The album images are optimized for performance. The Django Photo Gallery Sample is responsive and mobile/device friendly. Albums can be created from the Django admin panel where one zip file with all the images should be selected from the PC. The Django Photo Gallery will resize the images to improve the picute load times and will also create thumbnail for every image in the zip.


  •    Objective-C

A react-native library to get gallery album list