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akvo-caddisfly - Android app integrated with Akvo Flow

  •    Java

Akvo Caddisfly is a simple, low cost, open source, smartphone-based drinking water testing system connected to an online data platform.

akvo-flow - A data collection and monitoring tool that works anywhere.

  •    Java

Akvo Flow is a tool for collecting, evaluating and displaying of geographically referenced data. It is composed of an android mobile app and an online web-based platform. This repository contains code for the web-based platform that comprises a backend engine and a dashboard user interface. Alongside the dashboard and mobile apps, is a data import and export component. You can read more about the motivation and history of Akvo Flow as well as its place in the platform of tools created by Akvo.

akvo-lumen - Make sense of your data

  •    Javascript

An open-source, easy to use data mashup, analysis and publishing platform.

akvo-product-design - Products Design Documents

  •    Python

We have setup a process for designing large features within the Akvo Development Team. We're not so fond of strict processes, but having things written down does help us to ensure we all know where things are and what each other are doing and that we are all working in the same direction.