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aks - Authoritative PGP Key Server

  •    Javascript

aks is an implementation of an Authoritative PGP Key Server, using HAKP, as defined in the HTTP Authoritative Keyserver Protocol. It is intended to be a demonstration of a working Authoritative Key Server using updated REST principles. aks can be run as a stand-alone web server or as an additional web server inside of a Node application. To create it, simply create an instance of aks and instruct it to listen on the proper port.

helm-elasticstack - Kubernetes Helm Charts and Tools to run Elastic Stack(ELK) on Azure Container Service(AKS)

  •    Go

These Helm charts bootstrap a production ready Elastic Stack service on a Kubernetes cluster managed by Azure Container Service (AKS) and other Azure services. A few Azure resources need to be provisioned before proceeding with the Helm charts installation.

MCW-Containers-and-DevOps - MCW Containers and DevOps


Fabrikam Medical Conferences provides conference web site services, tailored to the medical community. Their business has grown and the management of many instances of the code base and change cycle per tenant has gotten out of control. The goal of this workshop is to help them build a proof of concept (POC) that will migrate their code to a more manageable process that involves containerization of tenant code, a better DevOps workflow, and a simple lift-and-shift story for their database backend.

kubeformation - Create declarative cluster specifications for your managed Kubernetes vendor (GKE, AKS)

  •    Go

Create declarative specifications for your managed Kubernetes cloud vendor (GKE, AKS). With Kubernetes, it becomes possible to start making everything about your application declarative. As cloud vendors start providing managed Kubernetes services, provisioning a Kubernetes cluster via the vendor’s API becomes declarative as well.

azuregameserversscalingkubernetes - Scaling Dedicated Game Servers on Azure Kubernetes Service

  •    Go

Scaling Dedicated Game Servers (DGS) is a hard problem. They're stateful (having the bulk of player data stored in server memoty), can't be explicitly shut down (since players might be still enjoying their game) and, as a rule of thumb, their connection with the players must be of minimal latency, especially for real-time multiplayer games. This repository aims to provide a solution/guidance/building blocks for managing containerized dedicated game servers using the Kubernetes orchestrator on Azure using the managed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). However, you could probably use parts of the project to scale memory-stateful workloads.

terraform-azurerm-aks - @HashiCorp Terraform configuration for provisioning a Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster

  •    HCL

This repository contains HashiCorp Terraform configuration required to create a Azure AKS cluster. Generate Azure client id and secret.

azure-aks-terraform - This is a quick sample showing how you can deploy Kubernetes on Azure with Azure Log analytics all from terraform

  •    HCL

This project aims to show a simple example of how you can setup a fully featured k8s cluster on Azure using terraform. The main.tf deploys a resourcegroup in which an aks cluster, log analytics workspace, managed redis cache and a container monitoring solution are added.

Maratona-Kubernetes - Repositório de código de demonstrações da Maratona Kubernetes 🇧🇷

  •    TypeScript

Ganhar eficiência e velocidade é uma busca constante em times de desenvolvimento em startups e grandes corporações, com o objetivo de aprimorar a qualidade de entrega do software e facilitar sua gestão e distribuição. Ferramentas e práticas, facilitam este processo de transição e potencialização de arquitetura. Entre as ferramentas, destaca-se o Kubernetes, um orquestrador de containers Open Source. O Kubernetes é mais que um orquestrador de containers. Com ele, é possível gerenciar aplicativos em containers e escalá-los de forma ágil, além de ter a possibilidade de automatizar processos de implantação e atualização, seja em uma única máquina ou em milhares de máquinas em múltiplos hosts.

aks-letsencrypt - Guide to setup Let's Encrypt on AKS


This repository demonstrates how to add Kubernetes Ingress to a cluster in Azure Kubernetes Services. Moreover, it covers adding TLS termination to custom domain (i.e. www.example.com) using Let's Encrypt free services. I own a Visual Studio subscription which gives me monthly Azure credits. I want to optimize the credits usage to run my blog and temporary experiments seamlessly. Additionally, I would like to use my own domain.

k8s-actions - Enable GitHub developers to deploy to Kubernetes service using GitHub Actions

  •    Javascript

GitHub Actions gives you the flexibility to build an automated software development lifecycle workflow. A set of GitHub Actions for deploying to a Kubernetes cluster, including Azure Kubernetes service (AKS) and any generic Kubernetes cluster.