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tacks - Real-time multiplayer sailing game, in your browser

  •    Elm

A sailing race simulator, multiplayer & real-time, in you browser. Server app is powered by Scala 2.11 with Play 2.3, Slick 3, Akka for websockets orchestrations and uses PostgreSQL for database. No classes except actors, code is written in a functional style.

federation - A Federated Message Network in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Federation is inspired by Akka and Erlang, and borrows some semantics from the actor model. While there are actors, many features familiar to Akka and Erlang are not included. Federation prioritizes being useful to the Node.js community over being faithful to the pure actor model. Federation considers cross-process and cross-host messaging to be the top priority. It has been designed to sit above an application protocol like axon or http, and can be extended to any other protocol quite easily.