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awesome-actionscript3 - A curated list of awesome libraries and components for ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR


A curated list of awesome libraries and components for ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR.Adobe AIR provides a single set of APIs to build cross-platform desktop/mobile applications and games. ActionScript 3 is the programming language for AIR. Powerful native functionality such as file system, SQLite, sensors are included by default. To add missing functionality, you can build ANEs (Air Native Extensions) coded in the native language (eg VC++ for Windows, Java for Android, Swift/Objective-C for iOS). To build mobile apps/games with GPU-rendered graphics, use the Starling framework and optionally the Feathers UI. Adobe AIR is very popular in the mobile gaming space.

ANE-LAB - ANE-LAB installs AIR Native Extension files in your project automatically.


This software is available to MyFlashLabs' Club Members ONLY. It takes care of ANE implementation in your AIR projects. You no longer have to spend hours reading setup instructions for different ANEs. This software will automatically read the ANE and configures your manifest .xml file on the fly. It also copies any necessary resources that ANEs might have. It will copy probable *.framework files to the AIR SDK too. It also checks the necessary dependencies and copies them on the fly. In simple terms, you will use this software to see the available ANEs and with just a simple click, the ANE will be installed in your AIR project. Even when there is a update for that ANE, you will be notified and again with a simple click, the ANE will be updated. Developing with AIR platform is supposed to be fun. Right? We are doing our best to make sure you are enjoying developing AIR apps. You just focus on your app logic. Let us take care of everything related to ANEs. Do what you do best and leave the rest to us.

AR-ANE-Samples - MyAR is an augmented reality Air Native Extension supporting Android and iOS based on Wikitude SDK

  •    Javascript

This ANE is built on Wikitude SDK and allows you to create Augmented Reality in your apps without knowing any 3D engine programming. You can create complex AR scenes using HTML/JS only. In this repository, you will find all the necessary information about how to implement the AR ANE in your project. make sure you are reading the wiki pages for more detailed information. You may also find the latest asdoc for this ANE here.

common-dependencies-ANE - In this repository find all the required shared libraries for our Air Native Extensions to make sure your final app will have the minimum required libraries so your app won't be unnecessarily huge in size

  •    Java

NOTICE: If you are here to download dependencies to use in your Firebase enabled project, make sure to read this page to find the right branch of the dependencies. The main job of Common Dependency ANEs is to solve the problem of ANE conflicts mainly in Android builds. When using a lot of different ANEs in your Air project, it's very probable that some of these ANEs are using some shared libraries like the Google Play Services. If this happens, you won't be able to compile your project while using the two ANEs! This problem often happens when you are using ANEs from different providers. So, with this package of so called Common Dependency ANEs, we are trying to solve this problem once and forever. We are allowing other ANE providers/developers to freely use these ANEs in their projects, even the commercial ones! The Adobe Air community will greatly benefit from this we're sure.

AR-ANE - ARKit Adobe Air Native Extension for iOS11

  •    Swift

N.B. You must use a Mac to build an iOS app using this ANE. Windows is NOT supported. This folder, ios_dependencies/device/Frameworks, must be packaged as part of your app when creating the ipa. How this is done will depend on the IDE you are using. After the ipa is created unzip it and confirm there is a "Frameworks" folder in the root of the .app package.

FreKotlin-Android-ANE - Example Air Native Extension written in Kotlin 1.1 for Android

  •    Kotlin

Example Android Studio project showing how to create Air Native Extensions for Android using Kotlin.

Google-Maps-ANE - Google Maps Adobe Air Native Extension for iOS 9.0+ and Android 19+.

  •    Swift

Google Maps Adobe Air Native Extension for iOS 9.0+ and Android 19+. Also includes option to use Apple Maps on iOS. Download the latest from the Releases page.

Swift-IOS-ANE - FlashRuntimeExtensions

  •    Swift

The static library contains a predefined +(void)load method in FreMacros.h. This method can safely be declared in different ANEs. It is also called once for each ANE and very early in the launch cycle. In here the SwiftController is inited and onLoad() called. This makes an ideal place to add observers for applicationDidFinishLaunching and any other calls which would normally be added as app delegates, thus removing the restriction of one ANE declaring itself as the "owner". Note: We have no FREContext yet so calls such as trace, sendEvent will not work.

WebViewANE - WebView Adobe Air Native Extension for OSX 10

  •    ActionScript

WebView Adobe Air Native Extension for OSX 10.10+, Windows Desktop, iOS 9.0+ and Android19+. This ANE provides access to a more modern webview from AIR. The wiki page contains extensive information. Please read.

Firebase-ANE - Firebase Adobe Air Native Extension for iOS 9.0+ and Android 19+.

  •    ActionScript

The wiki page contains extensive information on set-up and each of the FirebaseANEs.

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