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delorean - An Agnostic, Complete Flux Architecture Framework

  •    Javascript

DeLorean is a tiny Flux pattern implementation.You can read the tutorial to get started DeLorean.js with your favorite framework.

final-form - 🏁 Framework agnostic, high performance, subscription-based form state management

  •    Javascript

In the interest of making 🏁 Final Form the best library it can be, we'd love your thoughts and feedback. Take a quick survey.

google2fa - A One Time Password Authentication package, compatible with Google Authenticator.

  •    PHP

Google2FA is a PHP implementation of the Google Two-Factor Authentication Module, supporting the HMAC-Based One-time Password (HOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 4226 and the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 6238. This package is agnostic, but there's a Laravel bridge.

juice - The Hacker's Machine Learning Engine (formerly known as leaf)

  •    Rust

Juice is a open Machine Learning Framework for hackers to build classical, deep or hybrid machine learning applications. It was inspired by the brilliant people behind TensorFlow, Torch, Caffe, Rust and numerous research papers and brings modularity, performance and portability to deep learning. Juice has one of the simplest APIs, is lean and tries to introduce minimal technical debt to your stack.

oruga - 🐛 Oruga is a lightweight library of UI components without CSS framework dependency

  •    Vue

Oruga doesn't depend on any specific style or CSS framework (like Bootstrap, Bulma, TailwindCSS etc...) and it doesn't provide any grid system or CSS utility, it just offer a set of components easy to customize. Oruga wants you to focus only on UI/UX aspects of your application and be totally flexible to future changes without having to touch a line of JavaScript. Browse online documentation here.

git-test - test your commits

  •    Shell

Run tests on each distinct tree in a revision list, skipping versions whose contents have already been tested.By default it uses heuristics to try to determine what "local commits" to test, but you can supply another ref spec. git-test looks at each commit and checks the hash of the directory tree against the cache. You can also configure a ref (usually a branch) to test against, per repo or or per branch.

testardo - a browser and OS agnostic web driver for mobile and desktop

  •    Javascript

testardo is the easiest way to test your local projects with some remote service testing capabilities too. You can be notified if something goes wrong, you can change tests at runtime and have an instant update for all running devices, you can forget SDKs, special software, drivers, patches and fixes ... you create the test with everything you know and need already with the ability to include libraries and utilities at runtime. To use testardo ... all you need is the testardo file. Grab it or simply install it via npm install -g testardo.

subcommander - Collect your pile of utility scripts into a single command, as sub-commands.

  •    Python

Do you have a collection of tools and scripts that you've written to save time at the command line? Is it hard to keep them documented, and difficult for new teammates to get familiar with them? Subcommander is here to help. Several familiar tools (like git, subversion, cvs, zip, even django-admin.py, etc., follow a pattern where the main executable is invoked with an argument naming another executable specific to that system. For example, git push causes git to invoke git-push. This establishes a kind of "namespace" for executables.

transitionEnd - :dizzy: TransitionEnd is an agnostic and cross-browser library to work with transitionend event

  •    Javascript

TransitionEnd is an agnostic and cross-browser library to work with event transitionend. Or simply pick up the file from src directory.

osom - An Awesome [/osom/] Object Data Modeling (Database Agnostic).

  •    Javascript

An Awesome [/osom/] Object Data Modeling. Inspired in mongoose but Database Agnostic. After that, you will have a validator function that you can invoke passing the object to be validate.

tree-crawl - :leaves: Agnostic tree traversal library.

  •    Javascript

Agnostic tree traversal library. If you are really concerned about performance, you could read items from the stack directly. Each item has a node and index property that you can use. The first item in the stack can be discarded and will have a node set to null. Be aware that you should not mutate the stack, or it will break the traversal.

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