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data - Agile Data - Data Access Framework for high-latency databases (Cloud SQL/NoSQL).

  •    PHP

Data Access Framework for high-latency databases (Cloud SQL/NoSQL). Since the initial introduction of Agile Data back in 2016 our group of early-adopters used it in large production PHP projects. It is time for you to try Agile Data today.

ui - Build beautiful dynamic and interactive web UI in PHP

  •    PHP

Universal and Open-Source PHP framework providing you with wide range of "UI Components" - CRUD, Wizard, Form, Table, Menu, ProgressBar, AutoComplete and many more. Any component can be invoked from pure PHP and integrated into legacy, open-source PHP apps or framework. A most common use for Agile UI is building "Admin Interface", "Signup Wizard" or even "SaaS Web App UI" where a consistent UI needs to be built with minimum effort.

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