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react-overlays - Utilities for creating robust overlay components

  •    Javascript

All of these utilities have been abstracted out of react-bootstrap in order to provide better access to the generic implementations of these commonly needed components. The included components are building blocks for creating more polished components. Everything is bring-your-own-styles, css or otherwise. If you are looking for more complete overlays, modals, or tooltips--something you can use right out of the box--check out react-bootstrap, which is (or soon will be) built on using these components.

cstlemma - Lemmatiser that uses affix rules (affix: prefix, infix, suffix, circumfix)

  •    C++

Both 32 and 64 bit versions can be made. For running the CST lemmatiser you need as a minimum a file containing flex rules. The absolute minimal set of flex rules is the empty set, in which case the lemmatiser assumes that all words in your input text are perfectly lemmatised already.

ion-affix - Affix elements for Ionic framework

  •    HTML

ion-affix is a lightweight Angular directive for Ionic framework to have sticky affix elements. Directive requires no additional dependencies. Just Ionic and Angular.

ngx-scrollspy - Angular2 ScrollSpy Service

  •    TypeScript

You can use this angular2 service to spy scroll events from window or any other scrollable element. Finally, you can use ngx-scrollspy in your Angular 2 project. It is recommended to instantiate ScrollSpyService in the bootstrap of your application and to never add it to the "providers" property of your components, this way you will keep it as a singleton. If you add it to the "providers" property of a component it will instantiate a new instance of the service that won't be initialized.

vue-affix - A Vue

  •    Vue

Unlike other plugins, this Vue 2 component will make it easy to affix any element while scrolling. It works similar to Bootstrap's Affix plugin, it will add 3 classes (.affix-top, .affix and .affix-bottom) to the affixed element while you scroll the page.

postgres-tsearch-bulgarian - Bulgarian Full Text Search Dictionaries for PostgreSQL based on Ispell from bgOffice Project


This repository contains Bulgarian ispell (affix and dict) and stopword dictionaries for full text search in PostgreSQL. The ispell dictionary files (bulgarian.affix and bulgarian.dict) have been created by the bgOffice/БГ Офис project for use in OpenOffice and are licensed under LGPL 3.0.

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