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Gimel - PayPal's Big Data Processing Framework

  •    Scala

Gimel provides unified Data API to access data from any storage like HDFS, GS, Alluxio, Hbase, Aerospike, BigQuery, Druid, Elastic, Teradata, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

aerospike-client-nodejs - Node.js client for the Aerospike database

  •    Javascript

An Aerospike add-on module for Node.js.This module is compatible with Node.js v4.x (LTS), v6.x (LTS), v8.x (LTS) and v9.x. It supports the following operating systems: CentOS/RHEL 6/7, Debian 7/8/9, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04/16.04, as well as many Linux destributions compatible with one of these OS releases. macOS is also supported.

aerospike-client-ruby - Ruby client for the Aerospike database

  •    Ruby

An Aerospike library for Ruby.This library is compatible with Ruby 2.2+ and supports Linux, Mac OS X and various other BSDs. Rubinius is supported, but not JRuby.

aerospike-client-rust - Rust client for the Aerospike database

  •    Rust

An Aerospike client library for Rust.The following is a very simple example of CRUD operations in an Aerospike database.

aerospike-session-store-expressjs - plugin for express.js to use aerospike as session store

  •    Javascript

The Aerospike Express Session Store is an implementation of the Express.js session store that uses Aerospike as the persistence layer for sessions. The session middleware for Express is provided by the session-express module. Aerospike DB is a high-performance NoSQL key-value store: www.aerospike.com.Additional options are passed on to the Aerospike client when creating a new client instance (i.e. unless the client paramter is used.) Please refer to the client's API documentation for a detailed list of supported paramters.

aerospike-scala - Typesafe DSL for work with Aerospike Database

  •    Scala

Since I'm using Aerospike Java Client (version 3.3.1, recomended on www.aerospike.com), you need to create com.aerospike.client.async.AsyncClient to pass it into ru.tinkoff.aerospike.dsl.SpikeImpl class. SpikeImpl has methods to operate with Aerospike for specified types of Keys and Bins, which is the most common case. Example for that object creation you can find in ru.tinkoff.aerospikeexamples.example.AClient (sh "ru.tinkoff" % "aerospike-scala-example"). Or just follow the quickstart instructions.

asprom - Aerospike prometheus exporter

  •    Go

This follows the logic from asgraphite. Run a asprom collector against every node in the aerospike cluster. The releases page has binaries.