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GAN - Resources and Implementations of Generative Adversarial Nets: GAN, DCGAN, WGAN, CGAN, InfoGAN

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All have been tested with python2.7+ and tensorflow1.0+ in linux. The final layer can be sigmoid(data: [0,1]) or tanh(data:[-1,1]), my codes all use sigmoid. Using weights_initializer=tf.random_normal_initializer(0, 0.02) will converge faster.

All-About-the-GAN - All About the GANs(Generative Adversarial Networks) - Summarized lists for GAN

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The purpose of this repository is providing the curated list of the state-of-the-art works on the field of Generative Adversarial Networks since their introduction in 2014. You can also check out the same data in a tabular format with functionality to filter by year or do a quick search by title here.