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nOsliw HUI - HTML/HTA Application Framework


nOsliw HUI is a HTML/HTA Application JScript Framework for IT Professionals and advanced scripters in Windows enterprise networks. HUI is written in JScript/Javascript. The JS classes uses WSH, ADSI, WMI, FileSystem & other AJAX Frameworks.

Pyad - Python Active Directory Interface

  •    Python

A general Python library designed that allows easy object-oriented interfacing with the Windows Active Directory through ADSI (Active Directory Scripting Interface).

AdsiPS - PowerShell module to interact with Active Directory using ADSI and the System

  •    PowerShell

The initial motivation for this module was to improve my knowledge on how to interact with Active Directory without the Microsoft Active Directory module or the Quest Active Directory Snapin. The other elements that I wanted to work on were being able to use alternative Credentials and to specify a different Domain. Obviously I'm still learning and there is ton of space for improvements... Would love contributors, suggestions, feedback or any other help.

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