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Revive Adserver - The world's most popular free, open source ad serving system

  •    PHP

Revive Adserver is an open source ad serving tool that enables publishers to Serve ads on their websites, Manage their campaigns from different advertisers and/or ad networks using the simple, easy-to-use interface, Track and report on campaign success, including click-through rates, Set rules to target the delivery of campaigns, or even ads, to specific users, to help maximise the effectiveness of campaigns.

adMob for Windows Phone 7

  •    Silverlight

This project aims to provide Windows Phone 7 developers an opportunity to monetize their free applications. The output of the project is a User Control that can be dropped into any Silverlight page.

Adsense-Ads - Package for easily including Adsense Ad units in Laravel.

  •    PHP

Package for easily including Adsense Ad units in Laravel 5. Run php artisan config:publish mastergalen/adsense-ads.

discourse-adplugin - Official Discourse Advertising Plugin

  •    Javascript

This is the official Discourse advertising plugin. It allows advertisements to be served by supported advertising platforms for users with a Discourse forum. For non-docker or local development installation (those with programming experience), see Other Installation.

google-adsense-module - Google AdSense module for Nuxt.js

  •    Javascript

The asynchronous ad code (//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js) is automatically added to the <head> section of your pages. The AdSense module will automatically switch to test mode when runniung Nuxt in dev mode. But you can keep test mode on in production by setting the configuration option test to true.

react-adsense - :film_projector: a simple React-component for Google AdSense / Baidu advertisement.

  •    Javascript

react-adsense is a React-component for Google AdSense / Baidu advertisement. Before use Google AdSense, you should add the script at the end of HTML.