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viron - ☕️ Automated Design-based Management Console.

  •    Javascript

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes. CA Mobile, Inc. All rights reserved.

Maatkit - Power tools for open-source databases

  •    Perl

Maatkit is a toolkit for users, developers, and administrators of open-source databases. Most of Maatkit’s functionality is designed for MySQL. It makes MySQL easier and safer to manage. Maatkit could be used to prove replication is working correctly, fix corrupted data, automate repetitive tasks, speed up your servers, and much more.

chkservice - Systemd units manager with ncurses, terminal interface

  •    C++

chkservice is a tool for managing systemd units in terminal.chkservice require super user privileges to make changes into unit states or sysv scripts. For user it works read-only.

Symfonator - Welcome to Symfonator - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Application based on the Foundation of Symfony and Adminator!

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Symfonator - Responsive Bootstrap 4 admin application based on the foundation of Symfony and Adminator HTML5 template! Preview of this application is available here https://symfonator.herokuapp.com/admin.

PSGSuite - Powershell module for Google / G Suite API calls wrapped in handy functions

  •    PowerShell

Please adhere to our Code of Conduct when interacting with this repo. The Gmail API does not yet support handling inbox delegation. The functionality addition has been pushed back again until Q3 of 2018. Once the Gmail API supports inbox delegation, those functions will be added.