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AvoRed - An Open Source Laravel Shopping Cart

  •    PHP

AvoRed is a free open-source e-commerce application development platform written in PHP based on Laravel. Its an ingenious and modular e-commerce that is easily customizable according to your needs, with a modern responsive mobile-friendly interface as default. The main advantage of being an modular E-Commerce is that you can download each module separately that is necessary for your store.

Customer Book

  •    CSharp

Customer Book, its like address book with facility for generating quotation for a business or a supplier to the clients.

DRP Address Book

  •    ASPNET

A web based address book implementation using SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, C#, and CSLA.NET

django-contacts - A Django address book application.

  •    Python

An Address Book for keeping People on Companies.

AFAddressBookManager - Get contacts from iOS Address Book by their phone numbers and email addresses

  •    Objective-C

Get contacts from iOS Address Book by their phone numbers and email addresses. Works on iOS 6+. Copy all files from AFAddressBookManager folder to your project and add the Address Book framework.

sf-companies - 🌁 List of tech companies in San Francisco

  •    PHP

This is an open source list of technology companies, startups, nonprofits and digital agencies that have physical offices in San Francisco. It is not comprehensive but it is updated regularly and PRs are welcome. Data is available as a comma separated values (csv) file or markdown table. The goal of collecting this data is to build a mapping application that let's users easily browse and discover companies in the city. If you like this repo be sure to also check out WhoIsHiring.io for map of companies from around the world hiring right now.

ebdb - An EIEIO port of BBDB, Emacs' contact-management package

  •    Emacs

EBDB is a contact management/addressbook package for Emacs. It’s a re-write of the Insidious Big Brother Database (BBDB) using Emacs Lisp’s (relatively new) object oriented libraries. The “E” is vaguely meant to signify ”EIEIO”.

Cepp - Open-source iOS application written to explore Swift in its early days

  •    Swift

iOS application written in Swift. and then open Cepp.xcworkspace file.

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