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react-transition-group - An easy way to perform animations when a React component enters or leaves the DOM

  •    Javascript

ATTENTION! To address many issues that have come up over the years, the API in v2 is not backwards compatible with the original React addon (v1-stable).For a drop-in replacement for react-addons-transition-group and react-addons-css-transition-group, use the v1 release, which is still actively maintained. Documentation and code for that release are available on the v1-stable branch.

redux-ecosystem-links - A categorized list of Redux-related addons, libraries, and utilities


A categorized list of addon libraries for Redux, as well as other libraries that are closely related. This page overlaps with the Ecosystem page in the Redux documentation, and the Awesome-Redux list, but is much more comprehensive and includes more categories.

storybook - Interactive UI component dev & test: React, React Native, Vue, Angular

  •    Javascript

Storybook is a development environment for UI components. It allows you to browse a component library, view the different states of each component, and interactively develop and test components. Storybook runs outside of your app. This allows you to develop UI components in isolation, which can improve component reuse, testability, and development speed. You can build quickly without having to worry about application-specific dependencies.

repository - Community Hass.io Add-ons for Home Assistant

  •    Shell

Hass.io allows anyone to create add-on repositories to share their add-ons for Hass.io easily. This repository is one of those repositories, providing extra Home Assistant add-ons for your Hass.io installation. The primary goal of this project is to provide you (as a Hass.io / Home Assistant user) with additional, high quality, add-ons that allow you to take your automated home to the next level.

addons-library - Optimizely Addons Library

  •    Javascript

This library houses all of Optimizely’s Add On components. Add Ons allow you to build on-top and extend Optimizely. Currently, we support Extensions and Custom Integrations.Please contact developers@optimizely.com if you have any questions.

addons-frontend - Front-end to complement mozilla/addons-server

  •    Javascript

Universal front-end projects to complement addons-server.

taar - Telemetry-Aware Addon Recommender

  •    Python

The recommendation strategy is implemented through the RecommendationManager. Once a recommendation is requested for a specific client id, the recommender iterates through all the registered models (e.g. CollaborativeRecommender) linearly in their registered order. Results are returned from the first module that can perform a recommendation.Each module specifies its own sets of rules and requirements and thus can decide if it can perform a recommendation independently from the other modules.

ramda-adjunct - Adjunct is a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part

  •    Javascript

This library is a community maintained extension of Ramda offering a wide variety of useful and commonly used functions built from Ramda. For a full list of functions see the Documentation For The Latest Release.

Stash - Stash allows you to stash text and snippets of code for reuse throughout your templates.


This is the development version of Stash. Test thoroughly before using in production. Stash allows you to stash text and snippets of code for reuse throughout your templates. Variables can be set dynamically from the $_GET or $_POST superglobals and can optionally be cached in the database for persistence across pages.

Coda-2-Themes - A collection of commonly loved themes ported for the new Coda 2 from Panic


Simply ported over the most commonly loved syntax highlighting themes, givin' you Coda 2 users more flavors. Justin Hileman has a nice collection of ported themes: Justin's Coda 2 themes.

addon-helloworld - Hello World add-on for Stremio

  •    Javascript

Then run Stremio, click the add-on button (puzzle piece icon) on the top right, and write in the "Addon Repository Url" field on the top left. This is the first, boilerplate step of creating an add-on for Stremio. Create a node.js project and add the stremio-addons module as dependency.

flixel-addons - Additional classes for HaxeFlixel

  •    Haxe

A set of useful, but optional classes for HaxeFlixel created by the community. Includes some classes from the Flixel Power Tools. If you have a question or have not contributed on github before, there are friendly people in the community that help out in the forums.

FreeCAD-addons - A convenient gathering of useful and well-developed FreeCAD plugins made by the community

  •    Python

This repository is a collection of useful additional workbenches and modules for FreeCAD made by community members, gathered here for your convenience. Since these are not part of the official FreeCAD package and not supported by the FreeCAD team, you should read the information provided on each of the addons page above before installing any of them, to make sure you know what you are installing. Also, bug reports and feature requests should be made directly on each addon page.

webpack-scaffold-pwa - Webpack scaffold for PWA

  •    Javascript

PWA requires some boilerplate things to get started and running. We want to make that initial start easier ✅ and faster 🚀. We want to make your application's lighthouse score in higher 90-ish and make it better.

queue - Asynchronous Job Queue

  •    Python

Asynchronous Job Queue. Delay Model methods in asynchronous jobs, executed in the background as soon as possible or on a schedule. Support Channels to segregates jobs in different queues with different capacities. Unlike scheduled tasks, a job captures arguments for later processing.

repository-edge - EDGE - Community Hass.io Add-ons for Home Assistant


This Hass.io Add-ons repository contains edge builds of add-ons. Edge builds add-ons are based upon the latest development version.

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