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eventemitter3 - EventEmitter3 - Because there's also a number 2. And we're faster.

  •    Javascript

It's a drop in replacement for existing EventEmitters, but just faster. Free performance, who wouldn't want that? The EventEmitter is written in EcmaScript 3 so it will work in the oldest browsers and node versions that you need to support.We've upgraded the API of the EventEmitter.on, EventEmitter.once and EventEmitter.removeListener to accept an extra argument which is the context or this value that should be set for the emitted events. This means you no longer have the overhead of an event that required fn.bind in order to get a custom this value.

emittery - Simple and modern async event emitter

  •    Javascript

It's only ~200 bytes minified and gzipped. I'm not fanatic about keeping the size at this level though.Emitting events asynchronously is important for production code where you want the least amount of synchronous operations.

ie8 - some damn DOM fix for this damned browser

  •    Javascript

This is year 2017. IE8 was released in 2009. You should not support IE8 anymore. Not even transpilers support it. Be sure you actually really need this polyfill, testing your projects via real IE8 and not some IE11 emulator.

p-event - Promisify an event by waiting for it to be emitted

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need only one event emission and want to use it with promises or await it in an async function.If you want multiple individual events as they are emitted, this module is not for you, as a Promise is a single value. Instead, just continue using event callback or use Observables.

add-event-listener - add event listeners in IE and ... everywhere else

  •    Javascript

Add or remove event listeners in IE8+ / modern browsers. This package exports addEventListener (with a polyfill for attachEvent).

Fix-IE - Ironically-named bundle of polyfills for Internet Explorer 8-9.

  •    Javascript

Ironically-named bundle of polyfills for Internet Explorer 8-9. This works because it's returning an HTML element, detached from the document tree. The original constructor function is fired within the context of the detached HTML node, causing all references to this to point to a shadow element. All properties/methods of the function's prototype are assigned to the HTML instance too.

dead-simple - :skull::bulb: Dead simple PubSub and EventEmitter in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Small, readable, almost-tweetable modules utilising classic patterns in modern language. This project started a pair of gists which included a hand minified version, too.

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