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Snippet Editor


The Snippet Editor allows for easy management and creation of code snippets for Visual Studio. This is the Snippet Editor, formely known as the VB Snippet Editor as linked to from the MSDN VB site.

Date - Maths


Date - Maths is similar to Date Calculation in Windows 7 Calculator. You can use Date - Maths to calculate the difference between two dates or to add or subtract days from a specified date. It has a very attractive UI. Totally 16 Color Themes which you can switch in...

superdom - :flags: Better and simpler ES6 DOM manipulation

  •    Javascript

You can easily manipulate attributes right from the dom node. There are some aliases that share the syntax of the attributes such as html and text (aliases for innerHTML and textContent). There are others that travel through the dom such as parent (alias for parentNode) and children. Finally, class behaves differently as explained below.

add-line-numbers - adds line numbers to a source string

  •    Javascript

Adds line numbers to a source string, padding left and starting at the given offset.Adds a number to the start of each line in the str text.

gulp-cordova-plugin - This library adds a cordova plugin to the cordova project

  •    Javascript

Add plugins to your cordova project.The following example will add three plugins to the cordova project. The plugin.google.maps plugin expects two extra variables.

add-module-exports-webpack-plugin - Add `module.exports` for Babel and TypeScript compiled code

  •    Javascript

When you use ES2015 modules with Babel or have a default export in TypeScript, they generate code which requires you to import it with require('x').default in CommonJS instead of require('x'). This plugin enables the latter.

arr-union - Returns an array of unique values using strict equality for comparisons, maintaining the same order as the provided arrays

  •    Javascript

Combines a list of arrays, returning a single array with unique values, using strict equality for comparisons. This library is 10-20 times faster and more performant than array-union.

add-reason - :hammer_and_wrench::octopus: Dead simple tool for seamlessly integrating ReasonML into existing JavaScript projects

  •    OCaml

Simple tool for seamlessly integrating ReasonML into your existing JavaScript projects. The most basic use case would be to simply add an interop between your JavaScript and ReasonML code. In this case, you'd probably want to go with the setup command and specify the location of your ReasonML code and optionally include the name of a package you'd want to give it.

vue-add-to-calendar - A Vue

  •    Javascript

Feel free to open an issue to ask for a new calendar support. Details changes for each release are documented in the CHANGELOG.md.

angular-add-to-home-screen - An angular directive to display an "add to homescreen" dialog for iOS

  •    Javascript

An AngularJS directive to display an "add to homescreen" dialog for iOS. Try it out (hint: your user agent needs to identify as an iOS device).

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