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CKs-FilterList - Yet another bullshit filter list. 🙄

  •    Python

I created this project 2018 because I don't like the current well-known filter lists and I think they're often outdated and incomplete or simply inefficient. My list is not restricted by any region. However, my personal focus is english, russian and swiss and germany regions since I speak these languages. The overall project goal is to block ads and reduce the traffic coming from the domains/websites you visit. The term 'ads' is not defined in this project because I also block cosmetically banners and popup stuff which I think only causes useless traffic without any real benefit.

ads-for-opensource - An Adblock/AdblockPlus/uBlock compatible filter list for allowing advertising that benefits open source

  •    Python

This repository contains filter lists compatible with many ad blockers such as Adblock, AdblockPlus, and uBlock Origin that allows advertising that directly benefits open source software. Many open source projects depend on advertising to fund their development and operations.

ubo-filters - uBlock Origin Filters

  •    Python

I got tired of loosing my filters when I switched machines so I created this repo. Q: Do you support any other adblockers such as AdGuard etc? A: Only AdBlock / AdBlock Plus / uBlock Origin are supported at this time.

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