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atom-dbg-gdb - An Atom package - A GDB debugger

  •    CoffeeScript

An interactive GDB debugger for Atom

completely-unscientific-benchmarks - Naive performance comparison of a few programming languages (JavaScript, Kotlin, Rust, Swift, Nim, Python, Go, Haskell, D, C++, Java, C#, Object Pascal, Ada)

  •    Rust

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. For this benchmark we implemented Treap in a few classic (C++, Java, Python) and hyped (JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Rust) programming languages and tested their performance on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows (all of them running on different hardware, so the results should not be compared between platforms).

AdaYaml - experimental YAML 1.3 implementation in Ada

  •    Ada

This is an implementation of the upcoming YAML 1.3 standard. Since the standard is not completed yet, some features are due to change. You can use it as YAML 1.2 implementation, it will parse almost all valid YAML 1.2 documents since proposed changes to 1.3 are minimal and only cover edge cases.

OpenCLAda - An Ada binding for the OpenCL host API

  •    Ada

This is OpenCLAda, a thick Ada binding for the OpenCL host API. This binding enables you to write OpenCL hosts in Ada. It does not enable you to write OpenCL kernels in Ada. available on your system. GNAT GPL Edition is available at the AdaCore website. OpenCL is usually available from your hardware vendor. On MacOSX, it's already part of the operating system. On Windows, you'll need an OpenCL.lib file to link against. This is usually not part of the OpenCL implementation, but can be acquired as part of an SDK from your hardware vendor (eg the AMD APP SDK).

OpenGLAda - Thick Ada binding for OpenGL and GLFW

  •    Ada

OpenGLAda is a thick OpenGL binding for the Ada 2005 programming language. Unlike other, thin, bindings (see the project's homepage for a list), OpenGLAda enriches the original API with concepts and features provided by Ada, like object orientation, type safety and generics. OpenGLAda supports MacOSX, Windows and X11-based systems. API documentation can be found on the project's homepage.

AdaDoom3 - Id Software's Id-tech-4-BFG in the Ada programming language.

  •    Ada

The aim of Ada Doom3 is to re-engineer the id-tech 4 engine with a clear dependency hierarchy, and robust tasking systems. To compile with GPS click the build-all hammer button after ensuring the scenario drop boxes from the View > Scenario menu are correct.

steamsky - Roguelike in sky with steampunk theme

  •    Ada

Steam Sky is an open source roguelike with a steampunk setting. You are a commander of a flying ship, as leader you will be traveling across floating bases, engaging in combat, trading goods etc... There is no mandatory ending to this game, you may freely play until your character die. The game is currently under heavy development, but is in a playable state. Steam Sky is available on Linux 64-bit and Windows (development version only) platforms. At this moment tested version of GtkAda is 2017 and game require GTK library in version 3.14 (may not works with other versions).

cortex-gnat-rts - This project contains various GNAT Ada Run Time Systems (RTSs) targeted at Cortex boards: so far, the Arduino Due, the STM32F4-series evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics, and the BBC micro:bit

  •    Ada

This package includes GNAT Ada Run Time Systems (RTSs) based on FreeRTOS and targeted at boards with Cortex-M0, M3, -M4, -M4F MCUs (respectively BBC micro:bit, Arduino Due, and the STM32F4-series evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics). The RTSs are all Ravenscar-based, with additional restrictions No_Exception_Propagation and No_Finalization. No_Exception_Propagation means that exceptions can't be caught except in their immediate scope; instead, a Last_Chance_Handler is called.

orka - The OpenGL 4.6 Rendering Kernel in Ada 2012

  •    Ada

Orka is the OpenGL 4.6 Rendering Kernel in Ada. It is written in Ada 2012 and provides an object-oriented API for modern OpenGL. Orka makes it easy to construct OpenGL programs and meshes and to use them in a scene tree. Orka and the OpenGL bindings require and use OpenGL 4.5's Direct State Access (DSA) extension. Orka builds upon and provides thick bindings for OpenGL 4.6. These bindings are based on the original OpenGLAda bindings. Bindings for the fixed function functionality have been removed and bindings for various extensions of OpenGL 4.x have been added.

awesome-ada - Awesome resources and other links related to the Ada programming language


A curated list of awesome resources and other links related to the Ada programming language.

cardano-ledger - A re-implementation of the Cardano ledger layer, replacing the Byron release

  •    Haskell

A re-implementation of the Cardano ledger layer, designed to ease transition between the Byron and Shelley eras. The formal specifications and associated executable specifications can be found in the cardano-ledger-specs repository.

cardano-ledger-specs - A formal specification and executable model of the ledger rules introduced by the Shelley release

  •    TeX

Formal and executable specifications for the new features to be introduced by Shelley. For building LaTeX documents we use nix. Haskell files can be built either with nix or stack.

cardano-shell - Node shell, a thin layer for running the node and it's modules.

  •    Haskell

This is the cardano-shell project. This project uses Github issues for tracking the project progress. This "node shell" is a thin layer of functionality surrounding the node. It's a thin layer which brings all the other modules working together and makes sure that they have the required resources (configuration, exception handling, monitoring, logging, ...).

ewok-kernel - EwoK micro-kernel repository

  •    Ada

EwoK is a highly secure microkernel targeting micro-controllers and embedded systems. It aims to bring an efficient hardening of embedded devices with a reduced impact on the device performances. EwoK is a microkernel enforcing strict isolation between tasks and device drivers and providing strict access control to physical resources (devices, etc.) and strong enforcement of the least privilege principle.

Ada-vscode - Ada language support for VS Code

  •    Javascript

This extension is still in development. Things may not work correctly. Things may break. The world may end. This extension was developed largely in response to the horrible quality of Ada syntax highlighters, whether for VS Code or otherwise. It's all too apparent they were created by people who barely, if at all, work with the language.

ocarina - AADL model processor: mappings to code (C, Ada); Petri Nets; scheduling tools (MAST, Cheddar); WCET; REAL

  •    Ada

Ocarina is an AADL model processor, it acts as a "compiler" for AADL models. It can be integrated with the AADLib library of AADL components.

spark-by-example - SPARK by Example is an adaptation of ACSL by Example for SPARK 2014, a programming language which is a formally verified subset of Ada

  •    Ada

Adacore has developed a great tutorial website for Ada/SPARK beginners here. It is recommended to follow at least the SPARK part of this tutorial before reading SPARK by Example. GNAT Community 2018 has been used for this project. You may download and install it using the previous link.

libkeccak - SHA-3 and other Keccak related algorithms in SPARK/Ada.

  •    Ada

This project implements the Keccak family of sponge functions and related constructions using the SPARK 2014 programming language. Note that the difference between a hash function an a XOF function is that a hash function has a fixed output length (for example, 256 bits), whereas the XOFs have arbitrary output length.

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