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akka.net - Port of Akka actors for .NET

  •    CSharp

Akka.NET is a community-driven port of the popular Java/Scala framework Akka to .NET.If you are interested in helping porting Akka to .NET please take a look at Contributing to Akka.NET.

coobjc - coobjc provides coroutine support for Objective-C and Swift

  •    Objective-C

This library provides coroutine support for Objective-C and Swift. We added await method、generator and actor model like C#、Javascript and Kotlin. For convenience, we added coroutine categories for some Foundation and UIKit API in cokit framework like NSFileManager, JSON, NSData, UIImage etc. We also add tuple support in coobjc. Sequence of simple operations is unnaturally composed in the nested blocks. This "Callback hell" makes it difficult to keep track of code that is running, and the stack of closures leads to many second order effects.

Actix - Rust's powerful actor system and most fun web framework

  •    Rust

Actix is a Rust actors framework.The base of it is a powerful actor system for Rust on top of which the actix-web system was originally built. This is what you are most likely going to work with. What actix-web gives you is a fun and very fast web development framework.

bastion - Highly-available Distributed Fault-tolerant Runtime

  •    Rust

Bastion is a highly-available, fault-tolerant runtime system with dynamic, dispatch-oriented, lightweight process model. It supplies actor-model-like concurrency with a lightweight process implementation and utilizes all of the system resources efficiently guaranteeing of at-most-once message delivery. Bastion comes with a default one-for-one strategy root supervisor. You can use this to launch automatically supervised tasks.

qbit - The Java microservice lib

  •    Java

The Java microservice lib. QBit is a reactive programming lib for building microservices - JSON, HTTP, WebSocket, and REST. QBit uses reactive programming to build elastic REST, and WebSockets based cloud friendly, web services. SOA evolved for mobile and cloud. ServiceDiscovery, Health, reactive StatService, events, Java idiomatic reactive programming for Microservices. Got a question? Ask here: QBit Google Group.



A wrapper for the TMDb API written in C# .Net 4.5.

kamon-akka - Kamon Akka Integration

  •    Scala

Kamon's integration with Akka comes in the form of two modules: kamon-akka and kamon-akka-remote that bring bytecode instrumentation to gather metrics and perform automatic TraceContext propagation on your behalf.The kamon-akka module require you to start your application using the AspectJ Weaver Agent. Kamon will warn you at startup if you failed to do so.

node-actorify - Turn any node.js duplex stream into an actor

  •    Javascript

Turn any duplex stream into an actor. Built on the the AMP protocol for opaque binary and javascript argument support.Actors are similar to traditional RPC however they are isolated units of communication, an actor receives and sends zero or more messages to and from its peer with bi-directional messaging. Typical RPC is done at the process-level, meaning in order to work with data coupled with an identifier such as a user id that the id must be passed each request, whereas an actor may retain this state.

node-amp - Abstract message protocol for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Abstract Message Protocol codec and streaming parser for nodejs.AMP is a simple versioned protocol for framed messages containing zero or more "arguments". Each argument is opaque binary, thus you may use JSON, BSON, msgpack and others on top of AMP. Multiple argument support is used to allow a hybrid of binary/non-binary message args without requiring higher level serialization libraries like msgpack or BSON.

node-amp-message - Higher level AMP message manipulation

  •    Javascript

High level AMP Message implementation for manipulating, encoding and decoding AMP messages.Initialize an empty message.

sl-ember-behavior - An Ember CLI Addon that provides the ability to define and enforce behaviors, combining the concepts of whether a user has permission to perform an action and whether that action can currently be performed

  •    Javascript

We use https://waffle.io/softlayer/sl-ember-behavior to work our issues.An Ember CLI Addon that provides the ability to define and enforce behaviors, combining the concepts of whether a user has permission to perform an action and whether that action can currently be performed.

earl - Service Objects for Crystal (Agents, Artists, Supervisors, Pools, ...)

  •    Crystal

Service objects for Crystal, aka Agents. Crystal provides simple primitives for achieving concurrent applications, but no advanced layer for structuring applications. Earl tries to fill that hole with a as-simple-as possible object-based API that's easy to grasp and understand.

actor - Experimental library implementing scala like actors in javascript.

  •    Javascript

Actor will use yield to save continuation until promise returned by getDataAsync asynchronous function is fulfilled. After generator will be resumed with a fulfill value, so that it gets assigned to data variable. As a result program is executed sequentially without blocking event-loop. This library has been tested on Firefox using teleport and on Jetpack. It's very likely that this library will work / won't be to hard to make it work on rhino based platforms like RingoJS.

cell - actor framework for Kombu

  •    Python

cell is an actor framework for Kombu and celery . The actor model was first proposed by Carl Hewitt in 1973 [1] and was improved, among others, by Gul Agha [2].

l8 - Task manager for javascript with promises, dataflows and actors

  •    Javascript

l8 is an *experimental* pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and socket.io proxied actors, among others.

anodejs - Humus inspired actor framework for Node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

The intent behind anode is to provide a way to write "pure" actors in JavaScript. Over the years, the idea of what actors are has evolved quite a bit. In the context of what anode is trying to provide, "pure" actors are actors as defined by Carl Hewitt and elaborated by Gul Agha. Dale Schumacher (the author of pure actor language Humus on which anode is inspired) provides an excellent introduction to this perspective on actors on his blog here. A quick note about CoffeeScript... Because of how anode actors are implemented, the code relies heavily on the this keyword. There is nothing preventing you from writing anode actors in JavaScript, however, the CoffeeScript syntax just happens to perfectly fit what each actor behavior is trying to express, so I highly recommend taking look at anode through the CoffeeScript lens.

actix-lua - Safe Lua Scripting Environment for Actix

  •    Rust

A safe scripting environment for actix with the Lua Programming Language. Check examples directory.

actor.js - Elixir-style actors in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Elixir-style actors in JavaScript. Spawn "processes", then send and receive messages between them – just like you would in Elixir. You can think of it as co, but with message passing.

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