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actix-web - Actix web is a small, pragmatic, and extremely fast rust web framework.

  •    Rust

Actix web is a simple, pragmatic and extremely fast web framework for Rust. You may consider checking out this directory for more examples.

Actix - Rust's powerful actor system and most fun web framework

  •    Rust

Actix is a Rust actors framework.The base of it is a powerful actor system for Rust on top of which the actix-web system was originally built. This is what you are most likely going to work with. What actix-web gives you is a fun and very fast web development framework.

converse - A simple forum software

  •    Rust

Welcome to Converse, a work-in-progress forum software written in Rust. The intention behind Converse is to provide a simple forum-like experience. There is not a lot of documentation about Converse yet and it has several known issues. Also note that Converse is being developed for a specific use-case and is not going to be a forum feature kitchen-sink like most classical forum softwares.

actix-derive - Derive macro for actix framework

  •    Rust

Actix is a rust actor framework. Actix is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

actix-protobuf - Protobuf integration for actix web

  •    Rust

Protobuf support for actix-web framework. at your option.

actix-remote - Distributed actors for actix framework.

  •    Rust

Distributed actors for actix framework. at your option.

examples - Actix web examples

  •    Rust

A curated list of examples related to actix.

sockjs - SockJS server for rust language

  •    Rust

SockJS server for for Actix framework. Actix SockJS is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

actix-lua - Safe Lua Scripting Environment for Actix

  •    Rust

A safe scripting environment for actix with the Lua Programming Language. Check examples directory.

Teleprompter - Ask for user prompt using Telegram

  •    Rust

Sometimes you leave a long running automated operation that needs human intervention. Teleprompter is an Actix actor which does exactly that. You send a message to the actor containing a string and a chat id. The string is sent to the use via Telegram and once the user has replied to the given message, the future will resolve to the user's reply. Currently, only text messages are supported.

jelly - User authentication/sessions/etc for Actix-Web

  •    Rust

This is a sample repository showcasing a rather straightforward way to handle user sessions, signup, and authentication in an actix-web project. I extracted it from something I'm working on as I realized that it can be otherwise tricky to figure out at a glance how all of this fits together (actix-web is still fairly fast moving, and the docs can be... rough). You might also not be interested in this, and that's cool too. It's licensed as a "do whatever you want" type deal, so... clone away and have fun. Some extra notes are below.

ruster - Rust中文论坛

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