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ARouter - A android router middleware that help app navigating to activities and custom services.

  •    Java

A android router middleware that help app navigating to activities and custom services.

ThirtyInch - a MVP library for Android favoring a stateful Presenter

  •    Java

This library adds Presenters to Activities and Fragments. It favors the stateful Presenter pattern, where the Presenter survives configuration changes and dumb View pattern, where the View only sends user events and receives information from the Presenter but never actively asks for data. This makes testing very easy because no logic lives in the View (Activity, Fragment) except for fancy animations which anyways aren't testable. The perfect distance to the Android Framework is approximately thirty inches, the average length of the human arm, shoulder to fingertips.

smart-location-lib - Android library project that lets you manage the location updates to be as painless as possible

  •    Java

Android library project that intends to simplify the usage of location providers and activity recognition with a nice fluid API. If you got any problem compiling, please check the Common Issues section at the bottom of this document.

MKRingProgressView - ⭕️ Ring progress view similar to Activity app on Apple Watch

  •    Swift

See example Xcode project. It also contains additional classes for convenient grouping of 3 ring progress views replicating Activity app by Apple. MKRingProgressView can be set up in Storyboard. Specify startColor, endColor, ringWidth and optional backgroundRingColor (if not set, defaults to startColor with 15% opacity).

ActivitySwitcher - ActivitySwitcher is based on the Activity view operation management library, you can achieve any jump between Activity, close any Activity and end applications and other functions

  •    Java

ActivitySwitcher is based on the Activity view operation management library, you can achieve any jump between Activity, close any Activity and end applications and other functions.

Android-DragDismissActivity - A smooth, easy-to-implement, drag to dismiss Android Activity.

  •    Java

Another implementation of the drag-to-dismiss Activity pattern. This one is inspired by Nick Butcher's Plaid implementation. The project has a simple API and is a pretty powerful and beautiful implementation of the pattern. This library is used in some of my apps (Talon for Twitter and Pulse SMS). It has been abstracted from Jacob Klinker and I's article-android library, which is an awesome readability style in-app web browser.

Win32 Registry Activity Monitor

  •    DotNet

A simple program written in Delphi that monitors registry activity on win32 systems. In short a registry key and class are statically added to the code, the program is then run and as changes are made by other applications to the key and all its sub keys the changes are logged an



OpenOMS stands for Open Operational Management System. It is a web application targeting Project and Service Delivery focusing on the operations activity management.

Silverlight P2P Library

  •    Silverlight

The Silverlight P2P library integrates Silverlight 2 with Live Messenger Activities, introducing the concept of Silverlight Activities. The Silverlight class library exposes the P2P Activity API. Included is a managed representation of the P2P API in an abstract P2PApplication...

Copy List Item to a Secured List


Finally! A basic activity that is added to SharePoint Designer that allows the copying of a list item to a secured list.

CRM Watchman Gadget


This Windows gadget displays all open activities of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 users. Right now I'm looking for a graphic designer who can help to polish the GUI. Applications are welcome - just contact me!

Dynamic Component Runtime Framework (DCRF)


This project is a framework which encourages developers to think/design/implement based on component based software development approach. The high level of flexibility in this framework, makes implementing really complex component networks easy and straightforward.

mustbe - Authorization plumbing for NodeJS/ExpressJS/ConnectJS apps

  •    Javascript

MustBe is not a complete authorization framework, with roles and responsibilities and models and data access and everything that you need. Rather, it is the underlying plumbing that you need to secure your site. It allows you to fill in the necessary parts to manage data access, roles and users, and gives you the activity based plumbing to secure it all. MustBe is an authorization system - the part of a security system that decides whether or not you are allowed to do something. This is the second of authentication and authorization, where authentication simply determines who you are.

nutzmore - 让Nutz更好用

  •    Javascript

Nutz, which is a collections of lightweight frameworks, each of them can be used independently

stream - Stream plugin for WordPress

  •    PHP

Stream tracks logged-in user activity so you can monitor every change made on your WordPress site in beautifully organized detail. All activity is organized by context, action and IP address for easy filtering. Developers can extend Stream with custom connectors to log any kind of action.

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