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openrecord - Active record like ORM for nodejs

  •    Javascript

If you've found a bug please report it via the issues page. Please make sure to add a unit test with the bug report! Before submit pull request make sure all tests still passed.

inflect - A port of the Rails / ActiveSupport inflector to JavaScript (node

  •    Javascript

A port of the Rails / ActiveSupport inflector to JavaScript (node.js and browser compatible).

practical - Practical ActiveRecord for DynamoDB

  •    Javascript

A practical DynamoDB Active Record library. Practical was built to simplify interactions with Amazon's DynamoDB. This NoSQL database is really powerful but the documentation is not easily read or understood. Practical takes away the burden allowing an accessing DynamoDB records in an Active Record fashion.

LocalSupport - A directory of local support services and volunteer opportunities

  •    Ruby

LocalSupport is the software that runs the Harrow Community Network, which was originally conceived as a directory of local support services, e.g. a list charities and non-profits in a particular area. It's since pivoted to focus on volunteer opportunities in a local area, but the list of organisations remains accessible. To help with development please see our contribution guidelines.

generator-angular-sinatra - Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Sinatra

  •    Javascript

A Yeoman generator for AngularJS and Sinatra. Sinatra is a Ruby-based micro-framework. For AngularJS integration with other micro-frameworks, see https://github.com/rayokota/MicroFrameworkRosettaStone.