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elasticsearch-rails - Elasticsearch integrations for ActiveModel/Record and Ruby on Rails

Elasticsearch client and Ruby API is provided by the elasticsearch-ruby project.The libraries are compatible with Ruby 1.9.3 and higher.

pg_search - pg_search builds ActiveRecord named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL’s full text search

PgSearch builds named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL's full text search. In addition to installing and requiring the gem, you may want to include the PgSearch rake tasks in your Rakefile. This isn't necessary for Rails projects, which gain the Rake tasks via a Railtie.

validates_timeliness - Date and time validation plugin for ActiveModel and Rails

Complete validation of dates, times and datetimes for Rails 4.x and ActiveModel. If you a looking for the old version for Rails 3.x go here.

datagrid - Gem to create tables grids with sortable columns and filters

Create an issue if you want more. Datagrid DEMO application is available live! Demo source code.

spyke - Interact with REST services in an ActiveRecord-like manner

Interact with remote REST services in an ActiveRecord-like manner. Spyke basically rips off takes inspiration 😇 from Her, a gem which we sadly had to abandon as it gave us some performance problems and maintenance seemed to have gone stale.

search_cop - Search engine like fulltext query support for ActiveRecord

Thus, you can hand out a search query string to your models and you, your app's admins and/or users will get powerful query features without the need for integrating additional third party search servers, since SearchCop can use fulltext index capabilities of your RDBMS in a database agnostic way (currently MySQL and PostgreSQL fulltext indices are supported) and optimizes the queries to make optimal use of them. Read more below.

unread - Handle unread records and mark them as read with Ruby on Rails

Ruby gem to manage read/unread status of ActiveRecord objects - and it's fast. If you upgrade from an older release of this gem, you should read the upgrade notes.

github-ds - A collection of Ruby libraries for working with SQL on top of ActiveRecord's connection

GitHub::DS is a collection of Ruby libraries for working with SQL on top of ActiveRecord's connection.Current Status: Used in production extensively at GitHub. Because of this, all changes will be thoroughly vetted, which could slow down the process of contributing. We will do our best to actively communicate status of pull requests with any contributors. If you have any substantial changes that you would like to make, it would be great to first open an issue to discuss them with us.

order_query - Find next / previous Active Record(s) in one query

This gem finds the next or previous record(s) relative to the current one efficiently using keyset pagination, e.g. for navigation or infinite scroll. If no unique column is specified, [primary_key, :asc] is used. Unique column must be last.

rein - Database constraints made easy for ActiveRecord.

Data integrity is a good thing. Constraining the values allowed by your application at the database-level, rather than at the application-level, is a more robust way of ensuring your data stays sane. Unfortunately, ActiveRecord doesn't encourage (or even allow) you to use database integrity without resorting to hand-crafted SQL. Rein (pronounced "rain") adds a handful of methods to your ActiveRecord migrations so that you can easily tame the data in your database.

datamappify - Compose, decouple and manage domain logic and data persistence separately

Datamappify is no longer being maintained. It started off with a noble goal, unfortunately due to it being on the critical path of our project, we have decided not to continue developing it given the lack of development time from me. Feel free to read the README and browse the code, I still believe in the solutions for this particular domain.


A code generator application that makes use of the NVelocity template engine to generate code/scripts from a database. Initially developed to fill the gap left by the lack of Castle ActiveRecord generators/templates.

strip_attributes - :hocho: An ActiveModel extension that automatically strips all attributes of leading and trailing whitespace before validation

StripAttributes is an ActiveModel extension that automatically strips all attributes of leading and trailing whitespace before validation. If the attribute is blank, it strips the value to nil by default.It works by adding a before_validation hook to the record. By default, all attributes are stripped of whitespace, but :only and :except options can be used to limit which attributes are stripped. Both options accept a single attribute (only: :field) or arrays of attributes (except: [:field1, :field2, :field3]).

activerecord-cockroachdb-adapter - CockroachDB adapter for ActiveRecord.

CockroachDB adapter for ActiveRecord 4 and 5. This is a lightweight extension of the PostgreSQL adapter that establishes compatibility with CockroachDB.If you're using Rails 4.x, use the 0.1.x versions of this gem.

has_translations - ActiveRecord plugin to create translations for your models.

This version only support Rails 4.x.x and 3.2.x. For Rails 2.3.x support please get the 0.3.5 version of this gem and for Rails 3.1.x get the 1.0.0 of this gem. Plugin support is deprecated in Rails and will be removed soon so this version drop plugin support. To prevent method shadowing between "translations" class method and "translations" relation in models the class method has been renamed has_translations. For example you have Article model and you want to have title and text to be translated.

st-elsewhere - St

For a variety of reasons, you might find yourself supporting multiple databases in your Rails application. Maybe you're connecting to a legacy database for a few models. Perhaps you have divided your Rails application into two parts, one database for your online catalog system and another for transactional data. Multiple database connections in Rails is nothing new. While there may be great benefits to connecting to multiple databases in your app, there are also costs. One example is that has_many :children, :through => parent_children may not work.

graphql-query-resolver - Minimize N+1 queries generated by GraphQL and ActiveRecord

GraphQL::QueryResolver is an add-on to graphql-ruby that allows your field resolvers to minimize N+1 SELECTS issued by ActiveRecord.GraphQL::QueryResolver will analyze the AST from incoming GraphQL queries and try to match query selections to ActiveRecord::Reflections present in your ActiveRecord models.